How Dermal Fillers Make You Look Younger

22 Apr 2020 How Dermal Fillers Make You Look Younger
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Over the last decade, dermal fillers have become an increasingly and minimally invasive way for anyone to look younger. Over time, your face begins to age because of changes in its four major components: skin, fat, muscle and bone. Dermal fillers help address these changes to give you a more youthful appearance. Read this article if you’re curious as to how dermal fillers actually make you look younger.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that a dermatologist can inject under the skin at crucial locations on your face to address signs of aging. A variety of substances make up dermal fillers, which can be either naturally occurring or synthetic. Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in human skin, plays a role in keeping skin volumized and hydrated.

Other substances that can be part of dermal fillers include poly-L-lactic acid, polymethyl methacrylate and calcium hydroxylapatite. Another commonly used substance is autologous fat, which is fat transplanted from another area of your body.

Dermal fillers go under several different marketing names. Among the most popular dermal fillers you’ll find are Voluma, Juvederm, Volbella, Radiesse, Restylane, Sculptra and several more. Each of these commercial dermal fillers is made with different ingredients and may have different results.

What Benefits Do Dermal Fillers Provide?

If you want a natural-looking face without invasive procedures, dermal fillers may be for you. Dermal fillers are ideal for skin that has started to show the effects of age and gravity. Note, however, that different dermal filler treatments have specific applications. In general, you can get a dermal filler to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and to add volume and fullness to skin.

Of course, the biggest benefits that you will get will involve your looks, but like beauty, these effects are more than skin deep. For one, whatever dermal filler you choose, the effect is natural looking. In other words, you won’t look like you have had “work done.” Strategic placement of dermal filler is great if you simply want to soften lines on your face and want to take a few years off your looks.

What Facial Areas Can You Treat With Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers can help a long list of cosmetic problems. Even if you only have minimal signs of aging, you can benefit from dermal fillers for conditions such as acne scars and other scars caused by wounds. Among the signs of aging that you can treat are:

  • Cheek depressions
  • Crow’s feet
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Frown lines
  • Lip borders
  • Marionette lines at the corners of the mouth
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Horizontal worry lines on the forehead

One of the best things about dermal fillers is that you’ll experience no downtime for the injections. The only time that you need to put aside is the time for your appointment. Complications are also rare.


A professional consultation by one of our Nurse Injectors is a service we provide for all potential patients.  To learn more, call us at 855-810-8425 or visit our Contact Us Page.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Fillers

26 Feb 2020 Your Ultimate Guide to Fillers
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Injectable dermal fillers can drastically decrease visible signs of aging. Due to the loss of volume in one’s face due to natural aging, skin can easily sag. The thinning of skin can create wrinkles and hollow cheeks. By using dermal fillers, plumper lips, smoother skin and a softer appearance are all possible. To help our patients better understand how the best treatment options available to restore a youthful appearance, we’ve built this Ultimate Guide to Fillers.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers provide a non-surgical option for creating a more youthful look. They are filled with a gel-like substance that is then injected into the face to restore a natural amount of volume. By using derma fillers, fine lines around the mouth and eyes can be effectively softened. In addition to adding skin volume, lips can also be plumped to reverse thinning of the mouth.

3 Types of Fillers

1.) Hyaluronic acid is one type of popular filler. The substance is soft and usually infused with lidocaine to minimize any possible pain during treatment. Although the results are not permanent, they do last for approximately 6-12 months.

2.) Calcium hydroxylapatite is a substance that is typically found in bones. This calcium filler is a little bit thicker than the Hyaluronic acid and lasts, on average, a year. For those with deeper lines or an advanced aging process, calcium hydroxylaptatite is often recommended.

3.) Poly-L-lactic acid is a biodegradable synthetic substance. This is the same type of substance that has been used on dissolvable stitches. This type of filler stimulates collagen and then dissipates within a week after treatment. This also treats deep wrinkles and out of the three fillers described, lasts the longest. Most patients notice long-lasting results for up to 2 years.

What Are the Best Lip Fillers?

Most lip fillers are made from Hyaluronic acid. By injecting this type of substance directly into the lips, you can achieve a plumper and fuller lip. Lip fillers are popular for a number of reasons. They work. The treatment takes approximately15 minutes. Unlike invasive plastic surgeries, lip fillers do not require much downtime for recovery.

By booking a consultation appointment with a trained cosmetic surgeon, you can better discuss treatment options. Some patients are interested in primarily the shape and definition of their lips while others are more concerned about producing volume. Depending on the options available, different types of hyaluronic acid filler can be used for slightly different purposes.

When Should You Get Fillers?

Dermal fillers can be used at a variety of different ages. Depending on the aging process and what type of look is desired, some people opt for derma fillers in their thirties while others wait until their 50s.

Derma fillers typically last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Since most fillers typically run their course between 9 and 12 months, the treatment is not permanent. Most patients return once every several months to continue treatment. This way, there is no lapse in facial volume.

What Is the Process Like?

The first step of a derma filling process requires mapping. After a medical professional assesses the treatment desired, he or she will evaluate the face. Your face may be marked for specific points of injection.

After cleaning the injection site with an antibacterial cleanser, a local anesthetic may be used. Afterward, the filler injection is easily tolerated. Using filler is a quick treatment and can take as little as 15 minutes from start to finish.


Dermal fillers are an increasingly popular way to retain a youthful appearance. By increasing volume in the skin, there are natural and synthetic options available to achieve a smooth and soft face. Depending on the filler used, results can last for years.  


Enjoy our Ultimate Guide to Fillers? A professional consultation by one of our certified Nurse Injectors is a service we provide for all potential patients.  To learn more, call us at 855-810-8425 or visit our Contact Us Page.

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5 Reasons Sculptra is Amazing

28 May 2019 5 Reasons Sculptra is Amazing
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Sculptra is different than other types of dermal fillers, and this water-loving injectable that rebuilds collagen might be the solution for you. Neaman MediSpa offers complimentary MediSpa consultations, which is just one reason the clinic won gold in the MediSpa category for this year’s Best of 2019 competition. If you’re in the Salem, OR or Corvallis, OR area, it’s time to learn more about this innovative option.

Sculptra is FDA-cleared and a soft tissue filler designed to treat the face. It’s made with poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which is a synthetic material that can be safely absorbed by the body over time.

Here are just a few reasons Sculptra is so popular:

1. You can contour and restore volume. For many clients, restoring lost volume in the face is great, but what they really want is the ability to contour. Sculptra can do both, offering customized results for every client.

2. It lasts a long time. This is no temporary filler. Most clients require about three treatments, and full results show between four and six months after the last treatment. However, the results last for about two years.

3. It encourages collagen growth. Collagen is what keeps skin looking young and taut. However, our body creates less as we age. Sculptra encourages the body to produce more collagen in the injected area, which complements the effects of the filler. Not every injectable packs that double punch.

4. Sculptra offers incredible but natural results. Thanks to results appearing over time and the collagen doing its job, the results of Sculptra are very natural. Even for those who choose to contour and not just add volume, the end result looks completely organic.

5. It’s non-invasive. There is no surgery or general anesthesia required, which means virtually no downtime.

For More Information, Schedule a Complimentary Consultation Today!

The best candidates for Sculptra are clients who have experience facial fat loss and have hollow areas or deep wrinkles. Those looking for personalized, semi-permanent results especially enjoy the Sculptra process. To learn more or to schedule your complimentary consultation, connect with Neaman MediSpa today.

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Get Your Complimentary Dermal Filler Consultation

23 May 2019 Get Your Complimentary Dermal Filler Consultation
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There are a wide variety of dermal fillers available, which can make it a little confusing to figure out the best solution for you. That’s why Neaman MediSpa offers complimentary consultations for dermal fillers—and why your Salem, OR Medi Spa has won gold in the Medi Spa category and Facials category for the local Best of 2019 contest. Whether you’re lusting for plumper lips, want to enhance your cheekbones non-surgically, or smooth out undereye depressions, dermal fillers offer immediate results.

Every type of dermal filler is designed for a specific purpose and estimated “staying power.” Some fillers last just a couple of months and let you try out your new look, while others can last up to two years. However, fillers aren’t just for the face. They can be added to the hands to reduce the appearance of veins and immediately make them look younger. Sometimes dermal fillers are even an option for non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Three of the most popular fillers are Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse.

  • Juvederm: Juvederm uses hyaluronic acid with cross-linking for a gel-like feel (rather than liquid feel). This type of acid occurs naturally in the human body. Juvederm is best used to address moderate or severe facial wrinkles, including crow’s feet. It can also be used to enhance thin lips by “filling in” the lines in the lips.
  • Restylane: Restylane is also a hyaluronic acid-based injectable and optimizes impact by drawing water to the injected area. It can be used to treat moderate or severe facial lines and thin lips, just like Juvederm. Both Juvederm and Restylane have a range of products within their brands to treat specific concerns. Restylane is more cohesive than Juvederm, which means it stays in place more so than Juvederm and must be expertly “molded.”
  • Radiesse: Radiesse works by stimulating collagen production and can last over one year. It’s made with calcium hydroxyapatite, not hyaluronic acid, and the body can absorb it safely over time. It is recommended for facial treatments as well as chin treatments.

Get Your Complimentary Consultation Today by Contacting Neaman MediSpa!

If you’re interested in learning more about dermal fillers, schedule a complimentary consultation today. Call Neaman MediSpa at 844-338-5445.

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Lip Fillers: Juvederm vs. Restylane

09 May 2019 Lip Fillers: Juvederm vs. Restylane
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If you’re thinking about lip fillers, either to achieve lip augmentation results or simply to get a little fuller pout, two of the biggest contenders are Juvederm and Restylane. Neaman MediSpa achieved gold in the Best Of 2018 MediSpa category partially because of the care taken with lip filler clients. 2019 Best Of results aren’t out yet, but we sure are hopeful we won Gold again. A lot of people “want lips like Kylie,” but everyone’s lips have a unique shape. A quality MediSpa will give you results that are unique and natural-looking, but still, provide you the look you want.

Both Juvederm and Restylane are hyaluronic acid-based, but their unique composition allows them to achieve slightly different results. For those who want lips that are “pillowy” and youthful-looking, Juvederm often comes out on top. It’s a popular choice for those looking for pouty lips and offers the most dramatic results.

However, if you simply want to look like your lips are a little fuller—but keep people trying to pinpoint what looks different about you—Restylane might be a better choice. Results with both products also depend on how much of the product is used.

Prices are largely dictated by the number of syringes used, and for many clients, one syringe is enough. However, if you want a very pouty look, three or four syringes may be recommended. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use the entire syringe in a single appointment. Some clients like to ease into lip fillers and lip augmentation, gauging results with each appointment.

Contact Neaman MediSpa Today for a Consultation!

If you’re new to lip fillers or looking for a different look, a complimentary consultation will give you all the information you need. From choosing the right look to the perfect product and amounts, the goal at Neaman MediSpa is giving every client the look and experience they deserve. Lip fillers can also be dissolved, which is another service offered by your leading Corvallis, OR MediSpa. Contact Neaman MediSpa today to schedule your complimentary lip filler consultation.

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Top Non-Surgical Treatments in Corvallis

30 Apr 2019 Top Non-Surgical Treatments in Corvallis

You’re in college or perhaps freshly out of school and just beginning your career. What an exciting time. It’s a time where you most definitely want to look your best. When you go on those job interviews in Corvallis or the surrounding Oregon cities you want to be putting your best face forward and Neaman MediSpa can help.

Those all-nighters didn’t do your skin or body any favors. Fortunately, we offer a variety of medispa treatments that can rejuvenate your complexion and brighten your appearance to let prospective employers know you’re ready for action.

Fill In Midterm Worry Lines With Botox and Dermal Fillers

Did stress get the better of your face during those exam weeks? Those constant expressions often triggered by worry or frustration can leave deep-set wrinkles on your face, particularly on your forehead or between your eyes in your brow area. Botox, available at Neaman MediSpa, stops your facial muscles from contracting, giving your skin a chance to relax and smooth out. Dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, can also fill in superficial lines and wrinkles to keep you looking school age.

Are you suffering from excessive perspiration on test or interview days? Botox can help with that too. It can help to control underarm sweating by severing the nerves that signal the sweat glands helping to give you back your confidence.

Erase Signs of Freshman Year With Laser Tattoo Removal

Did you have a little too much fun freshman year? Or maybe you were branded by a lost love? Laser tattoo removal can successfully erase signs of your past to give you clear smooth skin. The laser targets the tattoo ink and sends concentrated laser energy to break up the pigment into tiny fragments, so your body can naturally absorb and eliminate them. And just like that – your past is erased.

Shape and Tone With Non-invasive Body Contouring

The freshman 15 can turn into the senior 20 to 30. If you have a little extra baggage that won’t seem to budge, Exilis Elite and Vanquish Me can help. Both procedures are non-surgical and help to eliminate excess fat and tighten the skin. When you’re young is the perfect time to consider body contouring procedures, including breast augmentation, because your skin is healthy and elastic which allows for better results and an easier recovery.

Schedule a Consultation with Neaman MediSpa Today!

Whatever mediaspa treatment you may be looking for, the first step is to schedule a consultation with Neaman MediSpa. Give us a call today at (844) 338-5445 and we can help in putting your best face forward!

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Should You Go To A Spa Or A Medical Spa?

19 Apr 2019 Should You Go To A Spa Or A Medical Spa?

Not all spas are created equal. They can all be relaxing and offer a little bit of pampering but when it comes to what they have to offer – medical spas, such as Neaman MediSpa, top the charts. That doesn’t mean you should never visit a day spa. Where you should book your next appointment entirely depends on what you are looking to have performed and the results you are looking to achieve.

The Difference Between The Two – Spa vs. MediSpa

Traditional Day Spa

These establishments typically offer non-invasive procedures and treatments that are purely centered around relaxation and making you feel good. Sure, you may achieve some pretty positive physical results following a facial at a traditional day spa but, more than likely, they won’t be long-lasting or as dramatic as you would receive had you went to a medical spa for your skin care facial.

Most of the services offered at a day spa are performed by licensed therapists who are trained to perform that particular service you are receiving such as hair styling, manicures, massages or steam treatments. Depending on what your needs are, a day spa can be rather inviting as it will ease the stress from your life for a brief period of time.

MediSpa or Medical Spa

A medical spa such as Neaman MediSpa under the direction of Dr. Keith Neaman, may offer services similar to day spas including facials and massages but they also offer medical treatments that one might find performed at a doctor’s office. Because medical spas are run under the guidance of a licensed physician, they are able to make available more advanced cosmetic enhancements such as dermal fillers and injectables, skin resurfacing, laser therapy, non-invasive body contouring and much more. All treatments are performed by experienced and certified professionals that have received the proper training in procedures. The environment of a medical spa reflects that of a spa but in a pleasant comfortable medical fashion.

Learn More About Medical Spas By Contacting Neaman MediSpa

Spas are great but medical spas are really great. It’s like having the best of both worlds – you get to look and feel good. Achieve physical enhancement while enjoying relaxing amenities at Neaman MediSpa. Contact us today by calling 844-338-5445 to schedule your consultation. Find out what we can do for you.

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Dermal Filler Myths Debunked

08 Apr 2019 Dermal Filler Myths Debunked
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When it comes to dermal fillers, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Many women don’t consider fillers to be an option out of fear that they’ll develop that “frozen” appearance. But Neaman MediSpa is here to tell you to, “fear not.” You can turn back the clock and rejuvenate your appearance with just a little bit of help from dermal fillers all without worry. We’ve busted some of the most common myths to help put your mind at ease and to show you what these non-surgical treatment options can accomplish.

Myth #1: Botox and Dermal Fillers Make Your Face Look “Done”

Absolutely not! If you select a skilled and experienced injector to administer your cosmetic filler, such as our nurse injectors at Neaman MediSpa, you never have to worry about looking overdone or having that scary frozen look. Your skin and facial appearance will simply look refreshed and more youthful as fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane help to add volume and fill in lines and wrinkles.

Myth #2: All Dermal Fillers Are the Same

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. There are several types of fillers and injectables on the market today all specifically formulated to treat various areas and conditions on and around the face as well as the hands. Botox is a neuromodulator which means it relaxes the muscles that are responsible for making wrinkles such as those deep-set lines that form on the forehead and between the eyes. In contrast, Radiesse, which is made of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel, helps to plump up the skin in more delicate areas including around the mouth, lips, and even the hands. You’ll also want to know that unlike hyaluronic acid-based fillers, Radiesse stimulates the production of collagen helping to create longer-lasting results.

Myth #3: You Can Receive Permanent Results With Fillers

As much as we would like for this to be true, it’s not. However, you can achieve long-lasting results using dermal fillers, and you’re able to maintain those results with simple touch-ups. But on another hand, because they’re not permanent, you’re able to adjust your results to fit your always-changing needs.

Myth #4: Filler Treatments Hurt

One of the most significant benefits of fillers is that they are quick and painless. Most contain an anesthetic to prevent any pain, and to ensure your comfort further, a numbing cream can be applied before treatment.

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

Don’t let silly myths and false information keep you from looking your best. In a matter of minutes, without pain or downtime, you can revive your complexion and enhance your appearance with dermal fillers. To learn more, call Neaman MediSpa at 844-338-5445 to schedule a consultation.

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Refresh Your Skin This Spring With These MediSpa Treatments

04 Mar 2019 Refresh Your Skin This Spring With These MediSpa Treatments

Spring is here, making it the perfect time to refresh and renew your skin after a long, harsh winter. The winter months can be brutal to your skin, leaving it dry, dull and lifeless. However, medispa treatments, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and injectables, all available at Neaman MediSpa, can rejuvenate your face and give your skin a fresh new look.

Spring Clean Your Complexion With Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are an excellent way to strip away the damaged outer layers of skin to reveal a healthy glowing complexion with improved texture, tone, and pigmentation. Regardless of how diligent you were in applying moisturizer this past winter, your skin probably still suffered. The cooler dryer air doesn’t exactly do your skin any favors, often causing dryness, blotchiness, and even breakouts. Chemical peels can be customized to meet your specific needs, and they range in strength from light to deep. The chemical solution that is applied to your skin during treatment, penetrates and clean outs pores to encourage new cell turnover. A springtime chemical peel will get your skin ready for the upcoming summer months, so you can worry about having fun and not skin maintenance.

“Sand” Away Dead Winter Skin With Microdermabrasion

If you’re looking for a non-invasive resurfacing treatment that doesn’t use chemicals, microdermabrasion is it. Microdermabrasion exfoliates the top surface layer and then suctions out debris and impurities from your pores. During winter, dead skin can cause a backup of impurities leaving your skin looking anything but vibrant. By cleaning out your pores, your skin can more easily absorb moisturizer and serums helping to re-nourish and stimulate collagen growth.

Smooth Out Skin With Injectable Fillers

Winter can’t be explicitly blamed for causing signs of aging, but it is responsible for making those hollows and folds a little more noticeable. If you’re in need of volume to help perk up your appearance, injectables available at Neaman MediSpa can help. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, will help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by hydrating your skin and restoring fullness to your face giving you a smoother, younger-looking complexion just in time for the spring and summer months.

Spring Clean Your Skin At Neaman MediSpa

Freshen up your skincare routine by adding a rejuvenating medispa treatment to help put life back into your skin. It’s time to shed the winter layers and let your skin glow this spring. Contact Neaman MediSpa, voted #1 medispa of Mid-Valley, at 844-338-5445 to schedule your personal skincare consultation.

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4 Valentine’s Day Treatments Perfect for a Couple

04 Feb 2019 4 Valentine’s Day Treatments Perfect for a Couple

You want to look your best on your date, but why not primp and prep together? Neaman MediSpa is a surprisingly perfect place for a date this Valentine’s Day, as it offers a number of fast and comfortable treatments. Whether you’re looking for a unique date with your sweetheart or a way to get ready for the big night out with friends, aesthetic treatments are a fantastic way to bond.

Here are some of the best treatments for couples or groups:

1. Emsculpt. Emsculpt can target the abs, glutes, or both, all in 30-minute sessions. The non-invasive procedure forces the targeted muscles into 20,000 supramaximal contractions. That’s the equivalent of 20,000 lunges or crunches in just half an hour. Afterward, that steak dinner or protein smoothie is the perfect way to recover, feed those muscles, and relax.

2. Microneedling. This popular treatment utilizes a medical-grade hand roller with thousands of tiny needles. They’re so small they don’t even look like needles, so if you’re needle-shy, there are no worries. In a short session, the skin is gently punctured to kickstart the body’s natural healing process and collagen generation. The result is younger-looking, healthier skin with no downtime.

3. Wrinkle reduction with laser skin therapy. Neaman MediSpa features only the best, most effective, and safest lasers. Some are more aggressive and require a little downtime, but others are gentle and clients can easily go about the rest of Valentine’s Day afterward.

4. Dermal fillers. Fillers can be used nearly anywhere on the face where there is lost volume, including the cheeks and lips. A plumper pout or rounding out those cheek apples are a great way to instantly boost your self-confidence.

Increasingly, couples have been interested in undergoing treatments together. It gives clients an added element of support, and there’s a natural bond that happens when two people undergo the same experience. Schedule your Valentine’s Day treatment at Neaman MediSpa today.

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