Over time, breast implants can rupture, shift, or lose their shape. Women may also experience a change in personal preference, now desiring a larger or smaller implant size, or a different implant shape or type. Breast revision surgery is performed to achieve the ideal breast shape, size, and feel, by removing the original implant and replacing it with a new one of their choosing.

Breast Revision at Neaman Plastic Surgery 

Breast revision surgery removes implants from the breasts that have malfunctioned or that no longer meet the personal aesthetic of the patient. This can be achieved in a number of ways, depending on your needs and goals for your breasts:

  • Breast implant removal with replacement implants
  • Breast implant revision with breast lift
  • Breast implant removal with fat transfer breast augmentation
  • Breast implant removal by capsulectomy 


Breast implant removal with replacement implants 

During this procedure, incisions are in the same place as the incisions for the original surgery. The old implants are removed, and the new implants you chose are inserted. The incisions are then carefully closed. 

Breast implant removal with fat transfer breast augmentation

In some cases, women no longer desire implants, but would still like to have larger breasts. A fat transfer breast augmentation achieves a more natural enhancement, increasing the breast volume by 1-2 cup sizes, depending on the amount of fat reabsorbed by the body post-surgery. 

During the fat transfer procedure, excess fat from a predetermined area of the body is removed. The harvested fat tissue is carefully purified, then injected into the breasts to achieve greater volume, enhanced shape, and symmetry.

Breast implant removal by capsulectomy 

Women who are experiencing capsular contracture may choose a capsulectomy to resolve their concerns. Capsular contracture is the hardening of the capsule, tissue that the body forms around breast implants. If this tissue becomes infected, the breasts harden and become painful. A capsulectomy can be performed to remove the breast implant and surrounding capsule together. 

During this procedure, an incision is made at the bottom of the breast, then upward to the areola. The implant and the capsule are meticulously separated from the surrounding tissues and removed together. 

Breast implant revision with breast lift

If the breasts are sagging, a breast lift can be performed during breast implant revision. Once the breast implants are removed, a breast lift can be performed to lift the breasts to a more youthful position. The same incision points are used. If desired, the nipples are repositioned higher-up on the breast mound, helping to restore a perky, youthful appearance.


Dr. Keith Neaman and Dr. Dustin Christiansen are both board-certified plastic surgeons. They have spent years honing their craft to bring the latest techniques to the Willamette Valley. At Neaman Plastic Surgery, the goal is always to help patients look their best. Make sure to review our real patient breast revision photos contact us to schedule your consultation.

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