From “veiny” hands to premature wrinkling, our hands say a lot about us. Similar to other areas of the body regularly exposed to UV rays and thin skin covering minimal fat, hands tend to decrease collagen production at an early age. This means less volume on the backs of the hands and a loss of that youthful plumpness.


Hands have a lot of similarities to our face and neck. These delicate areas quickly see fat layers and soft tissue deplete. Visible bones, tendons, and veins on the hands can make you look older than you are. No matter how flawless and youthful your face may look, hands can give away your true age. Hands are also regularly exposed to dangerous UV rays, which can leave behind brown spots (or “liver spots”), hyperpigmentation, and other signs of sun damage.


Your hands are one of the first things people notice about you. From that first handshake to handling drinks and utensils at important dinner meetings, many people take extra care to ensure their hands are looking presentable with manicures. However, there’s only so much a regular mani can do. If you really want to care for your hands, hand rejuvenation is necessary.


There are a number of hand rejuvenation treatments available, all customizable for your skin, hands, and goals. It’s absolutely possible, without surgery, to restore hands to a youthful appearance by increasing volume while improving tone and texture. Remove sun spots, minimize wrinkles, and hide veins and tendons by promoting your body’s natural collagen production.


Hands can quickly lose their elasticity, resulting in a crepe-like texture. However, Exilis laser skin tightening can safely penetrate deep below the skin’s surface to kickstart the body’s organic collagen and elastin production. This makes the skin look firmer, tighter, and younger. Everyone has different levels of natural collagen and elastin, but production slows down with age. If the skin on your hands looks lax, Exilis laser skin tightening is an excellent hand rejuvenation option.


Neaman Medi Spa’s chemical peels are personalized for every client and can be utilized on a variety of areas—including the hands.  Chemical peels remove the top layers of the skin to reveal younger, dewier skin hidden underneath. Peels are available in a variety of strengths and can be performed with various ingredients to ensure every client gets exactly what they want.


Loss of volume is the number-one sign of aging in the hands. Choose from a variety of dermal fillers to safely restore volume. There are a number of reputable dermal fillers for hand rejuvenation including Restylane, and Juvederm. All are FDA-approved for hand rejuvenation. During your consultation, the benefits of each will be discussed and a personalized dermal filler approach for hand rejuvenation will be designed. Dermal fillers for the hands also minimize wrinkles, giving clients a double dose of youthfulness.


Microdermabrasion for hand rejuvenation offers skin resurfacing that is even more aggressive than a chemical peel but less invasive than surgical fat injection. Also known as “microderm,” this type of hand rejuvenation can minimize or remove sun damage, light scars, fine lines, age spots, and discolorations. These signs of aging are what give away not only your age, but the various damage your hands have endured over the years. Hand rejuvenation isn’t just about turning back the clock, but also ensuring your hands are as flawless and aesthetically pleasing as possible.


At Neaman Medi Spa, our staff has one goal in mind: to help you look and feel your best. Our staff is composed of board-certified plastic surgeons, skilled aestheticians, and highly trained nurse injectors. If you are interested in a personal consultation or have questions, contact our office today.

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