Gynecomastia is a condition where men experience abnormal breast development, often due to age, weight gain, genetics, or a hormonal imbalance. It affects approximately 40 to 60 percent of males and can be a source of embarrassment, causing many men and adolescents to become self-conscious.



Gynecomastia surgery is an important step in transforming your physical and mental health. Take a look at the Neaman Plastic Surgery Gynecomastia Gallery to see recent before and after images of real patient results.

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The Power of Personalized Consultation at Neaman Plastic Surgery

Every individual is unique, and so is every breast. At Neaman Plastic Surgery, we truly believe that one-size-fits-all is not a philosophy that applies to cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Your personal story, aesthetic desires, anatomical nuances, and prior surgical outcomes all combine to create a narrative that’s exclusively yours. And understanding this narrative is vital in charting out a path to your desired results.

Why is an Individual Consultation Essential?

Personalized Assessment:

Our expert surgeons will meticulously evaluate your current breast structure, skin quality, and any surgical alterations from past procedures. This in-depth understanding ensures the recommended revision technique is tailored just for you.

Open Dialogue:

A private consultation allows you to express your concerns, desires, and expectations. It’s a safe space where your voice is not only heard but truly understood.

Expert Recommendations:

Our team will guide you through the plethora of surgical options, helping you navigate the choices to find the one that best suits your unique needs and desired outcomes.

Visual Understanding:

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to help you visualize potential outcomes, ensuring you’re comfortable and confident with the envisioned results.

Trust Building:

Meeting our dedicated team and witnessing our commitment to your well-being firsthand is a crucial step in building a trusted doctor-patient relationship.

Gynecomastia Causes: Insight from Neaman Plastic Surgery

At Neaman Plastic Surgery, we believe knowledge empowers our patients. Gynecomastia is a condition we often address, and understanding its root causes is a pivotal step in the journey to optimal health and confidence. Let’s delve into the most common causes of gynecomastia:

Hormonal Imbalance:

At the core, gynecomastia often arises from an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone. When males have a higher ratio of estrogen, breast tissue can grow, leading to this condition.

Puberty’s Natural Course:

Fluctuating hormone levels during puberty can sometimes manifest as temporary gynecomastia. Rest assured, this is a common occurrence for many young men.

The Aging Process:

As men gracefully age, a natural decline in testosterone coupled with an increase in body fat (which produces more estrogen) can give rise to gynecomastia.

Medications’ Side Effects:

At Neaman Plastic Surgery, we emphasize discussing your medication history. Certain drugs, including anti-androgens, anabolic steroids, and some heart medications, can contribute to gynecomastia.

Substance Influence:

Consumables like alcohol, marijuana, and specific narcotics might play a role in developing this condition.

Underlying Health Conditions:

Diseases affecting hormonal balance, like hyperthyroidism or kidney failure, can be culprits. Our holistic approach ensures we consider all health facets.

Herbal Influences:

We’ve noticed an increasing number of patients inquiring about herbal products. Some, like those containing tea tree or lavender oils, might contribute to gynecomastia.

Body Weight:

Obesity leads to excess fat tissues, which in turn can increase estrogen levels, a potential trigger for breast tissue growth.

Personalized care

At Neaman Plastic Surgery, our brand and tone revolve around personalized care, empathy, and a commitment to helping individuals achieve their unique aesthetic goals. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and our procedures are designed to do just that—empower individuals to embrace their beauty and feel their best.

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Gynecomastia Treatment Options at Neaman Plastic Surgery

Embarking on the path to address gynecomastia can be both a physical and emotional journey. At Neaman Plastic Surgery, our commitment is to ensure every patient feels informed, comfortable, and confident in their chosen treatment. With our tailored approach, we offer a range of state-of-the-art treatments to ensure the best aesthetic and health outcomes:

Peri-areolar with Direct Excision:

By making an incision around the areola, we can directly excise the excess glandular tissue. This method offers minimal scarring and is effective in cases with moderate glandular tissue.


A minimally invasive solution, liposuction targets and removes excess fatty tissue from the chest area. Ideal for those who primarily have excess fat causing the breast enlargement.

Skin Excision with Gland Removal:

For those with significant skin excess in conjunction with glandular enlargement, this method involves removing both the skin and the underlying gland. It’s a comprehensive approach ensuring a flatter, firmer chest contour.

The Importance of Personal Consultation at Neaman Plastic Surgery:

Choosing the right incision method is a nuanced decision that hinges on various factors, including the degree of gynecomastia, skin elasticity, and individual goals. At Neaman Plastic Surgery, we believe in the transformative power of personalized care. Remember, it’s not merely about treating gynecomastia—it’s about sculpting an outcome that resonates with your vision of self and boosts your confidence. Schedule a personal consultation with us today and take the first step towards a tailored gynecomastia treatment plan that’s genuinely aligned with you. A dedicated consultation allows our expert surgeons to:

Thoroughly evaluate your specific case.

Discuss your aesthetic and health goals.

Recommend the most suitable incision type for optimal results.


At Neaman Plastic Surgery, our focus is to help patients feel better about themselves. The decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is not a light one, but we strive to make it a comfortable experience. During your consultation, you will meet with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. They work with each patient to educate them on their procedural options, understand their goals, and collaborate with you to ensure the best possible results.

To learn more about male breast reduction or to schedule your personal consultation, please contact us.

Prioritizing satisfaction

With our proven process at Neaman Plastic Surgery, which includes thorough consultations, physical assessments, sizer trials, and the use of patient’s ideal before and after pictures during surgery, our track record speaks volumes. We are proud to share that our revision rate for size dissatisfaction is less than 0.5%. At Neaman Plastic Surgery, we prioritize your satisfaction and are committed to delivering beautiful and customized outcomes that genuinely reflect your desires.

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Gynecomastia Incision Types at Neaman Plastic Surgery

Addressing gynecomastia involves a blend of medical precision and artistic vision. The choice of incision type is crucial, as it influences both the aesthetic result and the recovery process. At Neaman Plastic Surgery, we provide a range of incision methods to best suit the unique needs of every patient:

Peri-areolar vs. Infra-mammary Incision:

Peri-areolar: This incision is made around the edge of the areola.

Ideal Candidate: Men with moderate glandular tissue or those needing direct gland excision. This incision is discreet, utilizing the natural color transition between the areola and the chest skin.

Infra-mammary: Placed in the natural fold under the breast.

Ideal Candidate: Used for patients with a more pronounced breast sag and allows for removal of excess skin and tissue.

Lateral / Horizontal Chest Incision vs. Axillary Incision::

Lateral / Horizontal Chest Incision: Made on the side of the chest or extends horizontally across.

Ideal Candidate: Especially useful for those with excess skin on the sides of the chest, with significant soft tissue laxity or those undergoing a combination of liposuction and glandular excision.

Axillary Incision: Located within the natural creases of the armpit.

Ideal Candidate: Primarily used for liposuction-based treatments, this incision is perfect for patients who primarily have fat accumulation without a significant amount of glandular tissue or skin excess.

Exceptional outcomes

At Neaman Plastic Surgery, our unwavering commitment to exceptional outcomes and patient-centric care drives us to deliver the highest quality surgical results. We believe in achieving your desired aesthetic goals while maintaining the natural integrity of your appearance. With our expert approach, we help you realize your aesthetic aspirations with confidence and elegance, empowering you to embrace your enhanced beauty.


My experience with Dr. Neaman was amazing. All the staff are very attentive and friendly. From the first appointment, I felt very confident and safe. Dr. Neaman is a very professional surgeon who guides me through the entire process. He did an amazing job on my body and looking in the mirror today, I feel so confident. Looking at my before and after pictures, I can’t believe what an amazing job he did on me. Thanks to Dr. Neaman and his entire team!

Natasha, Actual Patient*

Being able to improve and shape my body in a way where I’m excited to plan a trip and put on a swimsuit with my husband. Those are things that make me excited about Coolsculpting.

Andrea, Actual Patient*

I was extremely satisfied with the professionalism of the staff. Dr. Neaman was/is an exceptional surgeon whom I would highly recommend to everyone!!!!

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