Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

08 Mar 2021 Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?
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Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that hit the market in the late 1990s. It became an instant hit for making it possible to remove unwanted hair permanently. It is effective, safe, and saves you money, thus being an excellent alternative to traditional hair removal methods. Laser hair removal is non-invasive and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft for a long time. Unfortunately, not everybody is a good candidate. The factors that define whether you are a good candidate or not are listed below.

Permanent Removal

Like a plague, hair keeps growing back faster and thicker than before in places where you least want it, such as your arms, legs, neck, chin, and back. This is despite your efforts to try every shaving method available under the sun. Although some approaches induce excruciating pain, the results do not last. Laser hair removal uses heat to neutralize hair follicles and stop or slow down hair growth.

Skin and Hair Type

Laser hair removal works best for fair skin with coarse and dark hairs. This is because of the technology employed, which focuses on the hair pigment or melanin. The laser wand directs light energy into the skin, targeting the hair pigment. This can break down and eliminate several hair follicles. The result is hairless and flawless skin. It is more difficult for the lasers to target fine hairs and harder to get results with very fair or white skin. Darker skin tones and people who tan easily are also not ideal candidates for laser hair removal. However, with advanced technology such as the Candela Laser used at Neaman Medi Spa, there are specific lasers that may be used on these patients.

Treatment Areas

The procedure works best for large treatment areas, such as arms, legs, chest, and back. However, it is also useful for tiny spots with concentrated hair, such as underarms and bikini areas. You can have laser hair removal done to remove the fuzz on your face, which may involve getting rid of hair on your upper lip area, sideburns, cheeks, or chin. It is best to avoid areas very close to your eyes, like between the eyebrows, because your eyes may still be damaged even when using protective goggles.

You Are Aware of the Multiple Sessions Involved

For the best results, you will need to attend multiple laser hair removal sessions. The results and number of session required vary from person to person, depending on several factors. Some of these include the thickness of the hair and the treatment area. From the first session, you can expect to see thinner and less visible hair that keeps fading away with subsequent sessions.

Bottom Line

Laser hair removal saves you time, money, and energy that you could spend shaving or waxing. People who fit the above criteria can proceed with the procedure with the exception of pregnant or breastfeeding women. Find a trustworthy and reliable aesthetician who is state-licensed and who utilizes the best and most current laser technology to conduct the procedure such as the Candela laser device used at Neaman Medi Spa.


A professional Laser Hair Removal analysis and consultation by one of our Licensed Advanced Aestheticians is a service we provide for all potential patients. Virtual consultations are also available. To learn more, call us at 855-810-8425 or visit our Contact Us Page.

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Benefits of Going to a MediSpa

10 Sep 2018 Benefits of Going to a MediSpa

There’s nothing better than being pampered and enjoying pure relaxation. But wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy all that while improving your overall health and appearance at the same time? Well, you can at Neaman MediSpa, voted #1 MediSpa of Mid-Valley.

A medispa, also called a medical day spa, is a hybrid between a traditional day spa and medical clinic. It’s like getting the best of both worlds. You not only get to indulge in a relaxing environment, but you get other added benefits that simply aren’t available at your local massage parlor.

Be Taken Care of By Medical Professionals

One of the most significant benefits that set medispas apart from day spas is that treatments are performed by a skilled medical professional that’s certified to administer services such as Botox, chemical peels or laser hair removal. Medical spas are also under the direction of a board-certified physician. Why does this matter? Treatments at medispas are medical by nature, so there’s always the risk of possible complications. Having a board-certified physician on site can prevent complications from even happening, and if something does arise, it can be taken care of immediately and efficiently.

Indulge and Heal with Top-of-the-Line Procedures and Equipment

MediSpas offer a variety of non-surgical procedures using the latest and most up-to-date equipment. This helps to produce the best results possible while assuring patient safety. Treatments are tailored to your unique skin type and specific aesthetic goals. Using the most innovative technologies, you can treat common anti-aging conditions, such as lines, wrinkles, and brown spots, or treat more severe conditions, such as vaginal laxity and vascular lesions. No matter your situation, you can be assured that a medical day spa will offer the best-of-the-best when it comes to treating it without surgery and with little or no downtime.

Achieve Long-Lasting Results at a MediSpa

A day spa will send you home with results, whether it be a smoother and brighter complexion or shoulders without knots; however, those results are not going to last. MediSpa treatments are designed to not only give you instant rejuvenation but to give you results that will continue to improve over time. Microdermabrasion and dermaplaning remove dead skin cells to reveal healthy skin, but they also promote collagen growth which helps to maintain that fresh, smooth and bright complexion.

If you want to take advantage of all that a medispa has to offer, contact Neaman MediSpa at (844) 338-5445 to schedule your complimentary consultation. You can get pampered while achieving an improved appearance with lasting results. If you’re not quite ready for surgery, a medical day spa is a perfect choice to address your aesthetic concerns.

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MediSpa Treatments Your Face Will Love

29 Aug 2017 MediSpa Treatments Your Face Will Love

We all want to look our best, but sometimes it takes more than eating right, moisturizing daily and avoiding the sun. MediSpa treatments can give your face a much-needed boost without surgery or downtime. Whether you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or scarring, improve your skin’s tone or brighten dull skin, there are many options available to you.

Ready to book your MediSpa treatment? Read on to learn more about some of the procedures that can improve the appearance of your face while boosting your self-confidence.


Some of us struggle with a double chin. This extra fat under the chin can make you look heavy, but it’s difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, Kybella can help. Kybella is an injectable specially formulated to treat extra fat under the chin. This FDA-approved treatment is made of deoxycholic acid, which is produced by the body to absorb fat cells. The procedure takes just 20 minutes, and only one or two treatments are needed to achieve the desired outcome.


Botox is the top cosmetic treatment, and for good reason. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet and keeps new wrinkles from forming. Botox is a purified protein that weakens muscles that cause wrinkles. It can be used virtually anywhere on the face and requires no downtime. You can look younger and more refreshed on your lunch break.

Dermal Fillers

You can plump up sagging skin with dermal fillers. Radiesse, Restylane, and Sculptra are just some of the injectables that can add volume to your face and make you look more youthful. They work well on moderate to severe wrinkles and deep creases in the face. They are FDA-approved and safe and can last one year or longer.

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re tired of peach fuzz and facial hair, remove it for good with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal uses beams of light to destroy the actual hair follicle without affecting the skin. Most patients need 6–8 treatments to remove the hair for good.


Facial peels are a great way to reveal radiant skin. They exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells and penetrate the various layers to boost collagen production and transform skin to a new level. There are many types of peels available, depending on your skincare concerns. A peel takes no longer than an hour. Once done, your face will feel more refreshed and have a more even tone and texture.

Treat Your Face at Neaman MediSpa in Salem

The face is exposed to various elements, making it susceptible to wrinkles, skin discoloration and collagen loss. Neaman MediSpa offers injectables and peels to help your face feel refreshed and youthful. Call Neaman MediSpa at (844) 338-5445 to treat your face to one of our various treatments.

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Laser Hair Removal FAQ’s

10 May 2017 Laser Hair Removal FAQ’s
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Laser hair removal is not what it use to be. Enter 2017 and laser hair removal now lasts longer than the conventional methods such as shaving, waxing, electrolysis, plucking or threading. There are some advantages and disadvantages with all of them, but if you are serious about getting rid of unwanted hair, a laser is the only way to go.

Here are the top 5 questions about Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?

A beam of concentrated light (laser) is used to penetrate the hair follicle. The beam is attracted to the dark hair follicle, and the light destroys the dark hair.

Does hair grow back thicker or faster if you shave?

Nope. Studies have shown that shaving has no influence on density or thickness of the hair mainly because the follicle is quite a bit deeper than the surface of the skin. Regardless if we shave or trim hair, it does not have any effect on the root deep inside the skin & the genetics which define the hair growth and hair thickness.

How many treatments are required to have long lasting laser hair removal results?

As a rule, patients will need a series of 5 to 7 laser treatments with a period of about 8 to 12 weeks between each session. This allows them to catch the growth cycle in each area lasered. Hair grows at different rates in different regions of the body.

Is laser hair removal as effective for people with light hair?

Unfortunately, for people with lighter hair or gray hair, lasers do not work effectively because the hair does not have enough color in it to attract the laser. Most lasers work best for people with dark hair and light skin, but there are new techniques being seen for darker skinned people, too.

Free Laser Hair Removal Consultation in Salem, Oregon

Laser hair removal is a MediSpa treatment that people have been wishing and hoping for, for a long time. Because laser hair removal treatments are quite easily administered and require little if any down time, women in or near Salem, Oregon are making a regular part of their beauty regimen. We invite you for a complimentary consultation on all MediSpa treatments – please call us to schedule yours, meet our staff, and see our fantastic office.

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Laser Hair Removal – Where Have You Been All My Life?

05 Apr 2017 Laser Hair Removal – Where Have You Been All My Life?
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Neaman MediSpa in Salem, Oregon is the go-to-spot when it comes to laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is the promise of long-term silky smooth and hair free skin! Yes, that is right – no more enduring daily shower shaves, prickly stubble or even itchy razor burn. And most importantly – no more painful waxing!

The most frequent phrase we hear at Neaman MediSpa is, “I can’t believe I waited so long to get this done!” And it is very true; laser hair removal is a quick, nearly painless hair removal process that will live up to its promise.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Salem, Oregon is home to Neaman MediSpa which houses one of the most advanced lasers for hair removal today. It offers fast results, fewer treatments and allows certified & trained professional laser technicians to remove hair on all skin types. The Lutronic Laser is the laser we use at Neaman MediSpa. It removes or profoundly reduces unwanted hair by use of laser light. When the correct wavelength of laser light is applied to the unwanted hair in the treatment areas, melanin within the hair absorbs the light, which then converts into heat energy. The buildup of thermal energy causes the destruction of hair follicles, as well as associated stem cells and dermal papillae, while the surrounding skin is undamaged. Some follicles will only be damaged or may re-grow, so to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair effectively usually 6-8 treatments are required.

What Areas Can Be Treated For Laser Hair Removal?

Pretty much all areas can be treated with the Lutronic Laser for hair removal. At Neaman MediSpa in Salem, we classify treatment areas by small, medium, large and extra large. The amount of time it takes to cover each of these areas is what determines its size. Small areas include areas like forehead, nose, chin, upper lip, bikini line, sideburns, hands, and feet. Medium areas are classified as, full face, jawline, cheeks, shoulders, buttocks, upper back, lower back, and chest. Large areas can be large sections of the medium areas depending on how large they are, and extra-large are full back, and full legs.

At Home Laser Hair Removal Versus In Office Laser Hair Removal

You may be thinking that you have to drive all the way to Portland to get laser hair removal, so you have started to contemplate one of those, “at home promise the moon” laser hair removal machines. The good thing is you don’t have to drive all the way to Portland to have Laser hair removal performed by an experienced, professional. We see patients from Corvallis, Dallas, Albany, Keizer Station and Silverton for laser hair removal treatments. It is important to pick somewhere that not only has a reputable name, proper equipment, and licensed professionals but also somewhere that will be closer to home as you will more than likely need 6-8 treatments.

Salem, Oregon DIY Hair Removal

So why not just-do-it at home you ask? Well here is why; first and foremost it is up to you to educate yourself and be informed about each machine you would be looking to buy and to check your medical history against any of their warnings and contraindications. Whereas, if you come to Neaman MediSpa they are correctly educated and licensed to use our laser machine and will be able to consult with you before your treatment to ensure safety and suitability. They will also be able to provide you with pre- and post-care instructions, making it easier for safe and satisfying results.

Also, not all at home machines are created equal. Most DIY machines are not suited for darker skin tones, and very few are suitable for dark and the darkest skin tones. Neaman MediSpa’s advanced laser is appropriate for all skin types and can be adjusted correctly for each person’s unique skin tone.

Laser Hair Removal with the Lutronic

It goes without saying that the ease and speed of laser hair removal treatments will be better at a medispa. The powerful machines, such as our Lutronic, covers patient’s skin quickly with a larger flash window and are all carried out while you are sitting back and relaxing. At home treatments often are slow, and you may need to recruit a friend to help reach difficult areas.

The most important difference patients who come to our Salem, Oregon MediSpa for laser hair removal versus doing it at home is SAFETY. Neaman MediSpa adheres to all the legal training and safety requirements concerning our laser and only trained, certified, and professional laser technicians perform the treatments.
It is important to do your research when it comes to laser hair removal. But we promise you, that if you find the right place that is professionally trained with the right equipment, you too will be wondering why you waited so long.

Laser Hair Removal in Salem, Oregon with Neaman MediSpa

Laser Hair Removal patients from surrounding Salem communities such as Keizer, McMinnville, Canby, Corvallis, Albany and more are enjoying the benefits of laser hair removal from Neaman MediSpa. Laser hair removal is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments in the world, so what are you waiting for? Give Neaman MediSpa in Salem, Oregon a call at (844) 338-5445 to schedule your laser hair removal consultation today.

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Popular And Effective MediSpa Treatments For Nearly Instant Results

02 Feb 2017 Popular And Effective MediSpa Treatments For Nearly Instant Results

Medispas, also known as Medical Day Spas, offer some wildly effective treatments such as Botox, fillers, chemical peels, and laser hair removal. In a very short period, you will walk out of the spa looking and feeling rejuvenated and nearly instantly gratified. It’s time for you to look into these amazing treatments.


One of THE most sought after medispa treatments, Botox works by temporarily paralyzing muscles that cause persistent lines to form and deepen. There are many uses for Botox in the medical field, but in the cosmetic area, Botox is primarily used for:
• Crow’s feet
• Frown lines between the eyebrows
• Neck bands
• Vertical lip lines
• Down-turned corners of mouth
• Lines on the bridge of the nose
• Cobblestone appearance to the chin
• Protruding jaw that gives the appearance of a large jaw
• Temporal mandibular joint issues
• Migraine Headaches
• Excessive sweating of underarms

Without a doubt, Botox remains the most popular MediSpa treatment. Botox is a relatively quick fix and can last for months before another treatment is needed.


Fillers are becoming hugely popular and can easily have a magical effect on turning back the hands of time.

Aging results in changes to our skin that causes our skin to sag and develop fine lines, skin folds, and wrinkles. A young, youthful face has fullness and softness in the cheeks, under the eyes, fullness in the lips and around the mouth. Dermal fillers replace those lost components of healthy skin making you appear more youthful and vibrant.

Each person requires a personalized consultation and good results depend on having a well-trained, qualified injector. Although fillers are safe for most adult patients, it is not for everyone; your consultation will determine if dermal fillers are the best choice for you.

Chemical Peels

Indeed, a chemical peel sounds a bit ominous. However, it’s a great way to rejuvenate the skin on your neck, face, or hands. What happens during a peel? A chemical lotion is applied to your skin, which makes it “blister” and eventually peel, leaving behind much smoother, fresher, clean, youthful looking skin.

These results-oriented treatments are the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. Peels promote cellular turnover, they maximize the skin’s elasticity, reduce the appearance of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. These peels can be done on the face, neck, or hands; other results can be:

• Minimize acne scarring or improve certain types of acne
• Reduce age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma) due to pregnancy or taking birth control pills
• Improved overall look and feel of the skin
• Reduced fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth
• Improved appearance of mild scars

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal remains a common “go to” medispa treatment. A beam of concentrated light (laser) is used to penetrate the hair follicle. The beam is attracted to the dark hair follicle, and the light destroys the dark hair. For people with lighter hair or gray hair, lasers do not work effectively as the hair does not have enough color in it to attract the laser.

Most commonly, patients will require a series of 5 to 7 laser hair removal treatments with a period of about 8 to 12 weeks between each session. This allows them to catch the growth cycle in each area that has been lasered. Often, antibiotics can cause the skin to be sensitive to light and also the use of retinA can affect treatment. Speaking to your doctor about medications you are using is an important factor.

Contact Neaman MediSpa For A Free Consultation

Because each of these medical day spa treatments is quite easily administered and require little if any down time, women everywhere are making these treatments a regular part of their beauty regimen. The “bang for the buck” is there with each of these treatments. Come in and visit Neaman MediSpa and discover what thousands of women have – treatments that make a big difference.

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Medical Day Spa Treatments – Amazing!

08 Dec 2016 Medical Day Spa Treatments – Amazing!

I Need A Change And I Need It Now… What Treatments Will Feed The Need?

There are medical spa treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, Kybella and lip procedures that will definitely give you the instant gratification you are looking for.

Ever get up, look in the mirror and think, “something needs to be done, and today’s the day.” You may have been thinking about doing some sort of facial rejuvenation, but for some reason, you get up and decide you are ready!

The good news is there really are a lot of choices that can be made fairly last-minute, take very little time and you will be getting some pretty amazing results. We all want what we want and we want it now…here are some truly amazing, instantly gratifying beauty treatments that will give you what you want.


Botox, Dysport and Xeomin – easily one of the best products on the market for turning back the hands of time. It may take a week or two for full effect. Not “walk out the door” instant, but well worth the wait.

Dermal Fillers

Results are pretty darn instantaneous with this one! Fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma and others give you back lost volume and fills in lines and creases. The neurotoxins and dermal fillers work well together, giving you a “liquid face lift” that will take years off of you.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels (or Micro Peels) take 5 to 7 days for the skin to peel, and things won’t be looking too good at that point. But don’t despair, when that peeling ends, you will have a new, fresh-faced look you have not seen in years.

Lip Fillers

A favorite in any medical day spa, lip fillers are instantaneous, but temporary. This treatment gives you the plumpness and youthfulness you’re looking for.


Again, not going to happen in one day, but Kybella will singlehandedly melt away that double chin you’ve been carrying around with you. Treatments may need to be repeated several times over several months, but the results are amazing!

Medical Day Spa Treatments at Neaman MediSpa

All of these beauty treatments take very little time, are not surgeries requiring significant downtime and ultimately give results that are amazing. Neaman medical day spa has top-notch, qualified and experienced technicians that will gladly show you the way to a low-key approach to improving your looks. Contact Neaman MediSpa a call today and together we will find the treatment plan that is best for you. Call us for a complimentary MediSpa consultation – 844-338-5445.

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What are the Differences Between a Medical Day Spa and a Day Spa?

14 Dec 2015 What are the Differences Between a Medical Day Spa and a Day Spa?

To help answer this question, let’s define the difference between the two by describing the goals, missions and services offered by each.

The mission and goal of both day and medical spas are very similar. Both are businesses that provide a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatments. The menus may also be very similar and provide a variety of the same services. However, there is a very important difference between the two: a medical spa is a combination of a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the supervision of a highly trained and specialized medical doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. Medical spas treat a variety of skin conditions on the face and body such as brown or sun spots, redness, fine lines, wrinkles and other serious conditions that cannot be treated as effectively by a traditional esthetician. Medical spas also use and sell medical grade skincare products. These products have a higher concentration of active ingredients and can penetrate down into the dermis where new cells are generated. Some time ago, clients were hesitant about attending medical spas because their atmosphere was very clinical and sterile, much like a doctor’s office. However, a lot has changed in recent years and medical spas are now creating a more relaxed, therapeutic environment that allows for a more positive experience.

Medical spa menus may vary, but most of them offer services such as, laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, IPL treatments, photofacials, injectables such as BOTOX and dermal fillers (Juvederm and Restylane), aggressive chemical peels, skin tightening or skin rejuvenation. Medical spas also offer non-invasive treatments such as facials, waxing, microdermabrasion and massage. Day spa menus offer non-invasive treatments as well, but do not offer laser services, injectables, or aggressive chemical peels. Clients who choose more aggressive treatments typically notice results much sooner than clients who select non-invasive services. For example, a client who wants to reduce fine lines and wrinkles may decide on BOTOX. Minimal results can be seen in as little as 3 days and maximum results can be achieved in 14 days. This same client who decided to treat this issue at a day spa would not have the option of BOTOX. The esthetician would likely recommend a topical product such as a moisturizer or serum. Although topical products are very beneficial, the results can be slower and will require the client to be both consistent and patient.

To aid in your decision of choosing a spa, it’s important to be clear about what services will help you achieve optimal results. For clients who do not require invasive treatments and are not treating a serious skin condition, day spas can be the way to go. However, if you are a client who has started the aging process or may be treating acne and require more advanced treatments a medical spa would be the best option.

In a nutshell, both day and medical spas offer a wide range of spa services designed to achieve total body wellness. They both offer relaxing environments geared to help each client attain maximum results. Remember, regardless of your decision, never allow a non-medical, unlicensed person to perform a medical procedure on you. Do plenty of research and ask questions. I’m sure that in no time, you will have chosen a spa that’s perfect for you.

Contact Neaman Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our Medical Day Spa and see if we can help you to look and feel more amazing.

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Does Shaving Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker and Faster?

29 Nov 2015 Does Shaving Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker and Faster?
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Does shaving make your hair grow back faster thicker?  The short answer –  there is no relation of shaving with increased growth or increased thickness of hair. But how can that be?

Studies have shown that shaving has no influence on density or thickness of the hair mainly due to the fact that the follicle is quite a bit deeper than the surface of the skin. Regardless if we shave or trim hair, it does not have any effect on the root deep inside the skin & the genetics which define the hair growth and hair thickness.

People believe the correlation stems from the onset of shaving occurring basically at the same time as the need to shave. More specifically, people enter their teen years and naturally the terminal hair darkens, becomes more coarse, and tells us we need to start shaving. This correlation is likely the reason why many believe shaving causes changes in hair. Similarly, if a woman begins to develop darkening hair, more hair, or even coarse hair, the cause is actually normal hormones, not because she began to use shave as a remedy thicker hair growth.

Contact Neaman Plastic Surgery today to learn about our medical day spa, laser hair reduction, and other skin care treatments in our Salem, Oregon office.

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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

11 Nov 2015 Laser Hair Removal Side Effects
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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair underneath the skin’s surface. Though it’s not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience long-lasting hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on different skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can also be performed on any part of the body.

Side effects from laser hair removal are rare. When done correctly by a trained professional, IPL or laser treatments for hair removal are very safe.

Patients may have some slight redness or local swelling at the treatment site that typically resolves within several hours. On very rare occasions, blistering or burning may occur. You will need to limit sun exposure before and after treatments to minimize the risk of complications.

These side effects can be significantly minimized if treatment is performed in a medical office that routinely performs laser hair removal.  Contact Neaman Plastic Surgery today to learn about our laser hair removal techniques and how we can help you.

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