As the “must have” treatment that launched in 2018, we are pleased to announce that Emsculpt has arrived. We invite you to learn more about Neaman Medi Spa and Emsculpt Body Toning by scheduling a consultation with our fantastic team. Call us today to get started.

How Emsculpt Body Toning Works

When strength training, muscles grow because contractions cause tiny micro-tears in muscle fibers. As the body repairs itself, these ''tears'' increase muscle size. With Emsculpt, clients get 20,000 contractions in one treatment. That’s the equivalent of 20,000 perfectly performed sit-ups, lunges, or squats in just half an hour. It’s ideal for targeted treatment. Focus on the tummy, abs, butt, and thighs to help achieve the toned, contoured body you want. It’s recommended for most clients to follow up with additional Emsculpt sessions every six months.

Gym Workouts vs. Emsculpt Body Toning

The abdominal and buttock area includes numerous muscles of all shapes and sizes. Increasing the size of these muscles, or “hypertrophy,” is required to achieve washboard abs and hourglass figures. However, hypertrophy is also very difficult to achieve and sustain, particularly in these areas. Planks, crunches, squats, and lunges don’t always impact every necessary muscle. Poor form, injuries, and lack of time all add up to wasting your time in the gym. Emsculpt is a proven alternative that gives you all the benefits of an incredible workout with zero sweat in just 30 minutes.

By the time you drive to the gym, get undressed, do your workout, what are you doing to get these results? With Emsculpt, you’re giving up 30 minutes, 2 days a week, for 2 weeks.

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20,000 Contractions in a Single Session – Now That’s a Workout!

Emsculpt is ideal for busy people or those who can’t build muscle quickly. However, anyone who wants to define or grow their abs and glutes can benefit from this innovative technology. It forces your muscles to contract just like when you work out, but at a rate of 20,000 repetitions per session. It’s impossible for even the most elite athletes to perform thousands of crunches or squats perfectly. Now, you can get an amazing silhouette and enhance what you already have.

Keep in mind that any type of muscle toning for aesthetic purposes must be coupled with a healthy amount of fat. In order for muscles to show, excess fat has to be eliminated. Some clients combine Emsculpt with a variety of fat-loss procedures such as Vanquish Me and Exilis Elite, a healthy diet, and cardio exercise. Emsculpt can help you feel better, be better, and show off your shape. It’s also important to remember that muscles require protein in order to grow—especially after a strength training session. “Feeding” your muscles at least 20 grams of protein immediately after a strength training session or Emsculpt can help optimize results.

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Continuing Your Treatment

Just like you wouldn’t do a single set of lunges and consider yourself “done,” a single Emsculpt session will only yield results for a few months. Muscles need continual contractions in order to maintain and continue to build the ideal shape. However, unlike traditional strength training, you don’t need to schedule Emsculpt sessions four days per week. With 20,000 contractions per session, the results last several months. At Neaman Medi Spa we can help you figure out the right plan to get the most out of your body toning treatments.

Emsculpt Patient Testimonial

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Emsculpt Consultation with Neaman Medi Spa

Strong muscles, especially in the core and glutes, aren’t just a fantastic aesthetic perk. They’re also required for functional fitness. Your core and glutes have a big job and are utilized in almost every activity of daily living. Keeping them strong can improve your overall health. Emsculpt is both a cosmetic and functional tool for anyone looking to be more attractive and stronger. 

At your consultation, our team will determine if Emsculpt is right for you, and help you plan your treatment schedule. During your treatment, you’ll be able to relax in our luxurious, relaxing spa. Contact Neaman Medi Spa today to schedule your Emsculpt consultation. 

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