Why So Many Women Choose Breast Surgery

10 Nov 2016 Why So Many Women Choose Breast Surgery

Most people assume that when a woman opts for a breast augmentation surgery or a breast lift, that the decision is based solely on the desire to enlarge the size of their breasts. The truth is, there are many reasons why a woman chooses to have breast augmentation, or breast lift, with breast enlargement just being one of them.

Reasons Women Get Breast Surgery

There are conditions of the breasts that may exist that a woman is less than happy with. Many women live with these “abnormalities” for a lifetime, while others decide that they want to rectify the problem and opt for breast surgery. Some of the conditions include:

Tuberous breasts

This is a congenital abnormality where breasts do not develop normally. There are many variations of this anomaly. The degree to which the abnormality presents itself will help determine whether or not the woman will seek medical intervention. Basically, the goal with tuberous breast is to increase size, symmetry and improve the overall shape of the breast.

Inverted nipple

This condition is when the nipple is pulled inward into the breast instead of pointing outward. Many women are very self conscious of this condition, as well as concerned for the potential of breastfeeding. The goal would be to correct the nipple inversion without transecting any milk ducts, however, if the inversion is severe, this may not be an option.

Uneven breasts

Many times after breastfeeding, a woman may notice unevenness to her breast shape. What she is probably noticing is the sagging and reduced size of the breasts. The goal of the surgeon, under these circumstances, would be to enhance the fullness with implants and/or do a breast lift to shape the sagging breasts.

Breast Surgery Consultation with Dr. Keith Neaman

Breast surgery, as with all surgeries, carries with it risks. Whatever the reason for undergoing a breast lift, inverted nipple repair, or any breast augmentation, always seek out a highly qualified board certified plastic surgeon. Please call 844-338-5445 to set up your surgical consultation with Dr. Keith Neaman today and allow the team to walk you through the choices you have available.

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