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More and more Americans are seeking out cosmetic surgery. Combined with the country’s increasingly-open embrace of mental health issues, it’s only natural for more reports of botched plastic surgery procedures to surface. Although your outlook may be grim after an unwanted cosmetic surgery outcome, there are several things you can do.

Touch Base With Your Physician

Every cosmetic surgeon has been contacted by patients who aren’t happy with their treatment outcomes. Although confronting your surgeon may feel off-limits, this step is the first you should take. If you immediately consult other treatment providers, they may promise to fix your surgeon’s work for the wrong reasons. Make sure you contact your surgeon as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, you might be out of luck.

Embrace the Healing Process

The healing process for many cosmetic surgeries takes months. Some of the most stunning results you’ve seen online didn’t look great days or weeks following their procedures. Always establish a line of communication with your surgeon if you’re not happy, though you should wait for the site to heal fully before filing complaints or leaving bad reviews.

Ask for Corrective Surgery

Physicians want patients to be happy. As long as you haven’t complained to a medical board, left a bad review online, or made your surgeon mad, the surgeon will likely grant your request for corrective surgery to repair your treatment’s undesired outcome. Many surgeons will even offer discounted rates for corrective procedures.

Thoroughly Chronicle Your Correspondence

Most physicians practice medicine because they feel a higher calling to serve patients. However, you should thoroughly document all of your communications with your surgeon and his practice. Failing to document your communications could prevent you from taking legal recourse against your surgeon. Scan all emails, letters, and other documents. Record phone calls and in-person meetings. If you’re still not satisfied after talking to your surgeon and allowing your wounds to heal fully, consider filing a complaint with your state’s medical board.

Find a Reconstructive Surgery Expert

Once you’ve exhausted all options with your surgeon and the surgical site is done healing, consider finding a reconstructive surgery expert. Many cosmetic surgeons can fix other physicians’ botched work. Corrective or reconstructive surgeons specialize in fixing cosmetic surgery procedures with poor results. If possible, choose a corrective surgery specialist to rework the unwanted result your previous surgeon produced.

Don’t Overlook Body Dysmorphia

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health condition hallmarked by intrusive thoughts about shortcomings in one’s own appearance. While some of these concerns are sensible, people with body dysmorphic disorder aren’t able to use logic, reasoning, or outsiders’ opinions to remedy their perception. Even if you don’t think you have body dysmorphia, consider visiting a mental health professional to address your concerns.

Unfortunately, bad results are an inherent possibility of cosmetic surgery. Whatever you do, don’t make irrational, short-winded decisions or burn any bridges with your surgeon.


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