Tummy Tuck Surgery and Age

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Good news! Age is not necessarily a factor when one is considering a tummy tuck; it’s more about overall health and seniors (55+?) can be very healthy candidates for surgery.

Get Started With Body Contouring

The first step would be meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and expectations. You will be assessed by your plastic surgeon for any health concerns you may have. The biggest risks to your health would be heart disease, diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, and previous history of deep venous thrombosis. Please discuss your history with your surgeon, and you’ll together decide if you’re a candidate.

Why Surgery Isn’t Tied To Age

More and more seniors are undergoing tummy tucks in, opting to reclaim a bit of their youth by undergoing tummy tucks and other plastic surgery procedures. While many people that age is just a number, others worry this surge in plastic surgery for seniors could very possibly be dangerous. They wonder, how old is too old for cosmetic procedures? And how do these procedures ultimately impact senior health? From tummy tucks to facelifts, independent seniors are foregoing concerns about their age and taking advantage of the opportunities available to them as long as they are safe procedures, expectations are realistic, and they are in good health.

Surgery Choices For Seniors

Although seniors are at a slightly higher risk of complications due to their age, there are some options that are especially beneficial for the older adult. There are many different types of tummy tuck surgery ranging from a full abdominal surgery, which requires significant aftercare – to a much less invasive procedure. The ‘mini tummy tuck,’ is a great option for people who are concerned about putting their bodies under the strain of a major surgery. This option is far less invasive and has considerably less downtime and healing involved.

Tummy Tuck Benefits

The benefit of a tummy tuck for seniors is the removal of sagging tissue due to older age. The skin is naturally prone to sagging when age increases and the goal of an abdominoplasty is to tighten tissue. A tummy tuck also gets rid of extra skin, and many times chaffing can be an issue for active seniors who have extra skin.

As you can see, there is a distinct benefit to helping people achieve their goals by tightening, firming, and recontouring the body and face. Yes, seniors may be slightly older than one would expect for body contouring or facial procedures. However, this does not translate to not being deserving of the procedure nor being less healthy.

The best way to know if you’re a candidate is to contact Neaman Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Dr. Keith Neaman is a board certified plastic surgeon serving Salem and the surrounding area.

Neaman Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck Consultation, Salem, Oregon

A tummy tuck can be the perfect decision and something that helps one look and feel great, and ultimately brings satisfaction and happiness to most people – regardless of age. Dr. Keith Neaman is happy to schedule a consultation with you to learn if a tummy tuck is indeed something that you truly want and to determine if it’s something that you should move forward with. Call Neaman Plastic Surgery at to arrange for your appointment

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