Posted on 16 Nov 2023

When women undergo breast augmentation surgery, the first question is always, “What bra size will I have?” Well, many factors go into making that determination. First of all, what size implants are you getting? There are several different variations for you to choose from. This tends to be the hardest decision for women to make.

If you have a specific target you are aiming at, your plastic surgeon will work with you to achieve it. Keep in mind, that there is no real guarantee of your cup size after you get the surgery. Your surgeon will do their best to get you something that fits your comfort level.

Breast Implant And Bra Size

This is something that causes a great deal of confusion. Implant size and bra size are two different things. While the bra size goes by your band size measurements, the cup size is determined by the implant’s volume. After the augmentation, bra, and cup size depend on different factors:

  • The bra brand you like to wear
  • The style and design of the bra
  • The implant shape and volume
  • How much weight you lose or gain post-procedure
  • The muscle mass you gain or lose post-procedure

Breast Implant Sizes

Breast implants come in a range of sizes. The volume is often measured in cubic centimeters. The following is an indication of the volume range:
Small – 150-200 cc volume
Medium – 300 – 350 cc volume
Large – Over 400 cc volume
Very Large – Up to 800 cc volume

The diameter of the implant is just as important as the volume. It all determines the final shape and how well it will fit inside your body. Your surgeon will discuss all the particulars with you to help you make the most aesthetically pleasing choice.

How Does The Implant Size Change Cup Size?

In most cases, the implant volume between 180 cc and 200 cc will increase the breast volume and increase the size by one cup. While this isn’t always exact, it is the best guide to use. However, other factors can play a role such as bra brand and style, height, weight, and build.

Your plastic surgeon will take detailed measurements and try to be as accurate as possible. Your surgeon will likely have a table guide you can use to help make estimations.

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