Vascular Lesions


At Neaman MediSpa, we are specialists in advanced medical laser therapies for the treatment of unwanted veins of the body and face.  As we age, changes occur to our vascular system that can cause pooling in blood vessels, or create large vessels to form directly under the skin, resulting in broken capillaries, hemangiomas, cherry angiomas and spider veins.

Our Laser modalities, Lutronic Clarity and Spectra Laser allow for greater results across all skin types and use a high peak power laser energy, in short pulse widths targeting melanin in the skin which will then allow the body to naturally remove the pigment via the body’s natural immune defense.

Facial Telangiectasias Treatment

These are commonly found under the eyes, around the nose or on the cheeks. They appear sporadically and are the result of broken capillaries at the surface of the skin. Results can be seen in as little as 1-2 laser treatments. However, this does vary from person to person and is determined by the extent of involvement.

Spider Veins Treatment

These small lesions usually form in clusters resulting in a variety of color changes at the skin surface ranging. They often occur on the lower extremity and may be the result of numerous external factors such as prolonged standing, sitting, hormonal changes, medications, pregnancy or an inactive lifestyle. Like facial telangiectasias, treatment with laser therapy can result in significant improvement in just a few treatments.

Complimentary Vascular Lesion Removal Consultation

If you would like to dramatically reduce the appearance of vascular lesions like spider veins or facial telangiectasis please contact Neaman MediSpa at 844-338-5445 and schedule your free consultation with one of our highly trained aestheticians. We welcome patients from the greater Portland, Salem and Eugene areas.