Thigh Lift


The thighs can be one of the most frustrating parts of the body to sculpt. Often, diet and exercise are not enough, and you are left with excess sagging skin in your thigh area. A thigh lift is a body contouring procedure often performed after dramatic weight loss that is intended to remove excess skin and lingering fat from the thighs for smoother skin and natural-looking contours. If you have successfully lost the weight and are unable to enjoy your results because of sagging skin around the thighs, contact Salem plastic surgeons Dr. Keith Neaman and Dr. Dustin Christiansen at Neaman Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation to discuss your thigh lift options – 844-338-5445.

Shape Your Thighs For A More Proportionate Appearance

The natural aging process, genetics, and massive weight gain can cause the skin to lose its elasticity. When this happens to the skin around your thighs, you are left with loose, flabby tissue. This is extremely common after someone has lost an extreme amount of weight as the skin is unable to retract back to its former shape due to being overly stretched. The only way to successfully remove the excess skin is with a thigh lift.

Sagging skin in the thigh area can cause discomfort due to chafing and embarrassment as well as prevent you from participating in various physical activities. By removing the excess skin and fat, not only are you able to wear clothing that you may not have been able to prior, but your self-esteem gets a boost, and your thighs become more proportionate to the rest of your body.

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“From the original consultation through all my post op visits, Dr. Neaman and his staff made me feel at ease and comfortable. Everyone is so kind and caring. I am totally amazed at the results of my procedures and recommend Dr. Neaman to anyone wanting to make awesome improvements in their lives. I couldn’t be happier.”

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What Is The Thigh Lift Procedure?

Surgical approaches to thigh lifts vary based on the amount of skin to be removed from the thighs and individual factors such as your skin tone and remaining skin elasticity. Thigh lift surgery is usually performed under local or general anesthesia and begins with an incision being made in your groin region, between your upper thigh and your upper body. The incisions are typically medial (made along the inner line of the thighs) or lateral (made along the outer region of the thighs to allow for the buttocks to be lifted and contoured with the thighs).

From there, excess skin is excised, and any extra fat deposits are removed using liposuction. Liposuction is sometimes performed in conjunction with thigh lifts to remove stubborn fat deposits and further refine the contours of the upper legs. The remaining skin is pulled tight and contoured before being sutured shut.

Thigh Lift Results and Recovery

Immediately following your thigh lift procedure, you will notice a difference in the size and shape of your thighs. Compression garments will need to be worn to help reduce any possible swelling and to aid in shaping your newly contoured thighs. Over the next couple weeks, your thigh appearance will continue to change and be enhanced as swelling and bruising subside. Healing can take up to six weeks, during which you should avoid vigorous exercise. After you are fully healed, you will be left with firmer, more sculpted thighs.

Because the loose, excess skin that remains following substantial weight loss can impact other areas of your body, many patients benefit from a thigh lift as part of a body lift. A body lift may also include an arm lift or other complementary contouring procedures, such as a tummy tuck.

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