Treating Rosacea

There are many causes of Rosacea, and each patient is provided a unique treatment plan that is designed to target their needs and create beautiful results. 

Rosacea is a common condition that is often called, adult acne. The skin will appear red, irritated and often times develop pustules. It may also result in frequent flushing, visible blood vessels, sensitive skin, and dry and irritated eyes. Usually there is a genetic component to rosacea but can be made worse with sunlight, spicy foods, or stressful situations.

What Is Rosacea And How Is It Treated?

Spectra / Clarity Laser Treatments

Here at Neaman MediSpa, we have the most state-of-the-art lasers to treat Rosacea. The Lutronic Spectra’s combination of high peak power and short pulse width delivers efficient destruction of the target pigment and create beautiful results. The Lutronic Clarity laser is FDA approved and can deliver improvements after just one session, with optimal results seen after an average of three to four treatments (depending on the degree and severity of the Rosacea).


The Lutronic Clarity and Spectra Laser systems allow for greater results across all skin types and use a high peak power laser energy, in short, pulse widths targeting red pigment and superficial capillaries in the skin which will then allow the body to naturally remove the pigment via the body’s natural immune defense.


This non-invasive procedure is about 30-minutes long, has no downtime, can be used on a variety of skin tone and offers a very gentle and subtle treatment to improve the look of Rosacea.  Though the treatment is considered long lasting, it may not be permanent. To maintain the results, you may need follow-up treatments and may need to avoid factors that may cause “flare ups” of Rosacea. Also, for best optimal results a specific skin care regimen is essential for keeping Rosacea under control.

ZO Skin Health

Great skin care is always recommended, especially when treating acne and scarring. ZO Skin Health Inc. offers a unique set of bioengineered complexes and formulations. This combined with unique delivery systems offers all patients regardless of age, gender or ethnicity the ability to obtain healthy skin. ZO products restore the skin health by targeting skin abnormalities at the cellular level. ZO Skin Health helps you maintain skin that is smooth, even colored, hydrated, and firm / tight in appearance.

Rosacea Treatment | Neaman Plastic Surgery, Salem, Oregon

Complimentary Rosacea Consultation

If you would like to get rid or your Rosacea, please contact Neaman MediSpa at 844-338-5445 and schedule your free consultation with one of our highly trained aestheticians. We welcome patients from the greater Portland, Salem and Eugene areas.