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With few exceptions, nearly every procedure at Neaman Plastic Surgery is suitable for both men and women. Men’s services are increasingly popular, and plastic surgery for men is on the rise. In Silicon Valley, it’s been reported that men have just as much pressure—if not higher—than women when it comes to looking young, healthy, and attractive. That demand has started to extend beyond California, but looking your best isn’t just for securing promotions. Men want to look and feel their best for themselves, too.

From surgical options like liposuction to laser skin resurfacing, men’s services have never been so popular. Are you missing out?

Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Aesthetic men’s services to treat acne, sun damage, wrinkles, and more are readily available. Often with minimal downtime, there’s no reason to suffer through bad skin.

Botox is well-known for reducing and preventing wrinkles. Since Botox temporarily freezes the muscles that cause wrinkles and frown lines, it also “trains” the muscles to stop creating those lines. The more regularly Botox is used, the better trained these muscles become to not create wrinkles and frown lines. Dermal fillers are often used in conjunction with Botox, and help to replace lost volume due to weight loss and aging. These fillers can be used to increase volume in the lips, cheeks, and anywhere else a boost is needed.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments for Men | Neaman Plastic Surgery and MediSpa, Salem, OR

Men suffering from dull skin with acne scars and wrinkles can reveal younger-looking skin with chemical and micro peels. By removing the top layer of dead and dull skin, peels kickstart collagen production as the newer skin below the surface is revealed. Maximize these results by combining them with microdermabrasion, a professional exfoliating treatment that further encourages the revelation of more attractive skin.

For men who really want to encourage collagen production, which naturally starts to decline with age, Sculptra can be a great help. It’s designed exclusively to foster collagen production and reveal younger looking skin. Increasingly, studies have shown that both men and women who appear younger and “brighter” are more inclined to receive promotions.

An increasingly popular procedure for men is tattoo removal. Although tattoos have become mainstream in many circles and industries, getting rid of that old, poor-quality and highly visible tattoo can be a wise career and relationship move. Men’s services also include hyperhidrosis treatment to nip excess sweating in the bud. Excessive sweating can be caused by medications or genetics, but most people see it as a sign of being nervous—which isn’t something you want to advertise.

Finally, laser hair removal is a fast-growing demand in the men’s services offerings. From reducing shaving time to never having to get your back waxed again, laser hair removal can save time, pain, and money in the long run. Men’s services encompass everything from reducing wrinkles to removing fat and tightening skin. Put yourself first and consider countless options for looking and feeling your best.

“Dr. Neaman and his staff are amazing. I am a 41 year old male that had large amounts of fat from groin to chest, and all the way around. Dr. Neaman did an outstanding job and was incredibly thorough. From consultation, to the final results; he is simply the best! To Dr. Neaman and his staff, I thank you so greatly for raising my confidence so much and taking care of my needs. I highly recommend him for liposuction.”

– Clinton, Google Review, Actual Patient*

Surgical Procedures for Men

Cosmetic surgery is for both men and women. Liposuction can permanently remove fat pockets, while a body lift can get rid of saggy skin caused by weight loss or aging. Surgery offers an immediate and dramatic improvement to both function and aesthetics.

One of the most popular surgical procedures for men is liposuction. It’s the only way to immediately and permanently remove fat from targeted areas, and can be combined with other procedures or be performed as its own procedure. A tummy tuck is another popular option, which combines liposuction with the removal of excess belly skin. An unfortunate side effect of weight loss and hitting the gym hard is saggy skin, which can’t be fixed with exercise and diet alone.

Men who have lost weight can also benefit from a body lift or circumferential abdominoplasty, which is a tummy tuck that focuses largely on the lower body. It targets the sides and even the buttocks if that’s where saggy skin has appeared. An arm lift might also be desired, since sagging skin on the upper arms is a common symptom of weight loss. It’s impossible to see toned muscles when flabby skin is overshadowing them. Others are focused on a thigh lift, since skin near the groin is a trouble spot for many who have lost weight and struggle to showcase leg day thanks to sagging skin.

Gynecomastia, or the reduction of breast tissue, is the most desired surgery for many men. “Breast tissue” is prevalent in both men and women, and men who are carrying a little extra weight, who have lost a substantial amount of weight, or those genetically predisposed to having a larger chest can achieve a more balanced look with this in-demand procedure. Men’s surgical services also focus on the face, with otoplasty (ear surgery) to “pin back” the ears being a highly popular procedure. Protruding ears can be a sore point for many men, and in competitive environments it can make someone appear too youthful or childlike. Now there’s an alternative to long hair or wearing hats. There’s also a brow lift to treat loose forehead skin and drooping eyebrows, resulting in an immediately more youthful appearance.

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With so many men’s services available, both surgical and non-surgical, why wait? Gone are the days when cosmetic treatments were mostly for women. Experts know that men need functional and aesthetic treatments to stay competitive, maintain confidence, and complement the hours spent at the gym or maintaining a healthy diet. When you look younger, healthier, and more confident, it increases success in every facet of your life from personal to professional. Competition is fierce, and when you give yourself that added edge you’ll come out on top.

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