CO2 Laser Resurfacing


CO2 laser resurfacing at Neaman Plastic Surgery utilizes light energy to minimize the signs of aging by tightening the skin and correcting skin irregularities.  Aging leads to the breakdown of collagen – the substance that keeps our skin smooth and soft. This process of collagen degradation is further accelerated by excessive sun exposure.

The CO2 laser serves as an excellent option for those patients who are interested in improving:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne scars
  • Brown spots
  • Poor skin texture


By stimulating collagen formation it effectively tightens the skin increasing elasticity and overall skin support. Often a single laser treatment may last up to 10 years delaying the need for more advanced surgical options such as a facelift. The laser can be used to treat the whole face or targeted to specific areas such as the fine lines of the upper lip and the loose skin of the lower eyelids.

What Are The Best Treatments for Brown Spots or Melasma?

Brown spots are the results of skin changes most commonly including actinic and melasma. Learn more about treating brown spots and melasma with Dr. Keith Neaman.

“Some of the best work I’ve ever seen. Dr Neaman is professional and has some of the most steady hands. I would recommend him to anyone who wants the best.”

– Brad, Actual Patient*

Featured Laser Resurfacing Before/After Photos*

Laser Resurfacing and Recovery

Recovery will depend on the individual patient’s desires dictating the depth of treatment. It is generally performed under a light IV sedation in under an hour. The depth of treatment is adjusted by varying the lasers setting, making it imperative that the procedure be performed by a knowledgeable medical professional, such as a plastic surgeon. Be sure to check out other treatment options for acne, scarring, wrinkle reduction, and other less-aggressive medical day spa treatments.


The team at Neaman Plastic Surgery has extensive experience in CO2 laser resurfacing. Additionally the newer technology utilized by Neaman Plastic Surgery has allowed more effective treatments with fewer side effects and less downtime when compared to older generation lasers.

Laser Resurfacing Consultation at Neaman Plastic Surgery

Contact Neaman Plastic Surgery at 844-338-5445 to schedule a consultation and learn how CO2 laser resurfacing can help you obtain smoother and firmer skin resulting in a more youthful appearance.  We welcome patients from the greater Portland, Salem, and Eugene, Oregon, areas.