Cellulite Reduction


Neaman MediSpa is proud to offer an excellent non-surgical way to say goodbye to cellulite! Cellulite can be one of the hardest things to treat and eliminate, but not anymore. Cellutone is a non-invasive cellulite reduction and skin texture improvement modality that works differently than other complementary treatments including Exilis Fat Reduction, Vanquish Me, Emsculpt body toning, and Infini RF for Skin Tightening. Neaman MediSpa is using Cellutone to help patients within Portland and its surrounding communities achieve visible cellulite reduction with absolutely no downtime.

How Cellutone Works

To understand how Cellutone works, you must first understand what exactly cellulite is and what causes it. It is a common misconception that cellulite is a kind of fat. This is not true in the least bit as any women, even the thinnest and most in shape, can be plagued with the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite refers to the dimpling of the skin which mostly occurs around the thighs or buttocks region. This dimpled appearance is not due to fat but rather waste build up pushing on the connective fibrous bands that connect to the underlying tissue. Genetics, age, and hormones can cause the connective fibers to become weakened and to lose their elasticity. When this happens, and waste begins to push against the connective tissue, the skin becomes lumpy and uneven.

Video: Cellutone Treatment Demonstration

Cellutone helps to smooth out the skin for an even, tighter appearance. It does this by using the power of targeted vibrations via a handheld device that is glided across your body. These targeted vibrations help to increase blood supply and provide better lymphatic drainage. By eliminating the waste, you are eliminating the cellulite’s lifeline.

The therapeutic vibrations from Cellutone work similar to a massage in that they help break down the waste accumulation that is restricting blood flow. By massaging the deep tissue structure and softening the area with waste and fluid buildup, blow flow is increased. The improved oxygen and blood supply are then able to help repair and remodel the fibrous tissue. Without waste and without weakened tissue – there can be no cellulite. So, in the end, you are left with firmer and smoother looking skin.

Treatment is completely pain-free as the treatment paddles are flat and are simply moved across the treatment area with slight pressure being gently applied. There is no sucking or freezing of the skin.

“I have been a regular client of the medi spa and cannot rant and rave enough about all the staff!! I love my visits with Tori and facial treatments. Tori is very professional and full of expertise on all my skin needs. I have highly recommended Tori to all my friends and family. My skin has never looked better!!!!”

– Actual Patient, Google Review*

Improve Skin Texture and Reduce Cellulite

What Is Cellutone?

Cellutone is a non-invasive cellulite reduction modality that reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves skin texture. Cellutone uses the power of therapeutic vibrations to target the deep tissue structure below the skin. This causes a much stronger stimulation and reaction which results in fewer treatment sessions and visible results after a single treatment.*

How Do I Know If I Am A Candidate For Cellutone?

If you have visible signs of cellulite, you’re a candidate! Cellutone is suitable for everyone as it is safe and effective, no matter what your age or skin type.

Is Cellutone Safe And Is There Any Downtime Required?

This cellulite treatment modality meets the strictest safety standards that are put in place. One of the biggest benefits of using Cellutone for cellulite reduction is that there is no downtime. Treatment is quick and painless, taking an hour or less to complete. Many patients are known to have their treatment during their lunch break and return to work immediately after as there is no restriction on daily activities.

How Many Treatments Will Be Required?

The number of treatments needed for desired results depends on the target location, its condition, and many other factors. Many patients see improvement and noticeable results after their initial treatment. Neaman MediSpa will create a specialized treatment plan based on your specific desires and needs. Typically, 4-8 treatments are performed throughout a few weeks.

Complimentary Cellutone Consultation at Neaman MediSpa

Cellutone is an effective treatment for eliminating those pesky dimples due to cellulite. With Cellutone you can finally get the even, smooth skin you desire. And if you are looking for a full non-surgical body contour makeover, Neaman MediSpa can create a customized plan using both Cellutone and Exilis Fat Reduction. Call Neaman MediSpa today at 844-338-5445 to book your complimentary consultation and learn more about our non-surgical body contouring procedures.