Brown Age Spots and Melasma


Brown spots are a common skin complaint and can be caused by a number of factors. Also known as hyperpigmentation, brown spots can include sun damage, freckles, or scarring. There’s also melasma, a unique type of hyperpigmentation most commonly found in women and triggered by sun exposure and hormone changes. Nobody is certain exactly what causes melasma, but it presents as gray or brown patches and it’s well-documented that sun and hormone changes can exacerbate melasma.

Age is also a leading cause of brown spots. From acne scars to brown spots caused by sunburns of years past, brown spots are a well-known sign of aging. They are sometimes called age spots or liver spots.

The Appearance of Brown Age Spots and Melasma

Most brown spots are round in shape, flat, and usually brown or black. Sometimes age spots appear in clusters, and other times they show up by themselves. Melasma can be various shades of brown or gray and can appear irregular or patchy. Many people with melasma have a relative with this type of hyperpigmentation. Women who take hormonal birth control pills, who are pregnant, going through menopause, or undergo hormone replacement therapy are at an especially high risk of triggering melasma.

There is a genetic, hereditary aspect to brown spots, too. If one of your parents has a lot of age spots, you have a higher chance of getting them in excess, too. However, everyone can minimize both sun damage and brown spots by avoiding the sun and using sunscreen every time they’re exposed to UV rays.

Older people have relatively more brown spots simply because they’ve had a lifetime of sun exposure. Years ago, little attention was paid to regularly wearing sunscreen. That’s slowly changing, but sunscreen alone won’t stop brown spots or melasma from appearing.

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Treating Brown Age Spots and Melasma

The good news is that there are many treatment options for brown spots and melasma. Every patient is unique, which makes every brown age spot treatment customizable. From laser skin resurfacing to chemical peels, Neaman MediSpa is committed to helping every client achieve their best, most beautiful skin.

Spectra and Clarity Laser Treatments

Lutronic’s Clarity and Spectra Laser are two popular treatments for brown spots and melasma. Both are highly effective for all skin types and utilize high-peak-power laser energy. These short pulses can target excess skin melanin that the body naturally produces as an immune defense—known for giving brown spots their color.

Both of these laser resurfacing treatments take 30 minutes and require no downtime. The laser skin resurfacing for brown spots is gentle and can greatly reduce the appearance of brown spots and melasma. Each client will require a different number of treatment sessions for optimal results. In many cases, brown spots are greatly reduced with just one treatment. However, those with melasma will often require multiple treatments due to the stubbornness of melasma pigmentation.

ZO Skin Health

Brown spot treatments are just part of beautifying the skin. Personalized, professional skin care is the other part of the equation. From melasma to brown spots and acne scarring, ZO Skin Health offers one of a kind skin care products that are bioengineered for your unique needs. The innovative delivery system treats clients of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. ZO’s 3 step peel is an aggressive solution for melasma and acne. It peels away the top layers of skin safely to smooth out skin texture, reduce pore size, keep acne breakouts in control, and remove brown spots on the upper layers of skin. ZO products work best when incorporated into your daily skin care regimen.

What Are The Best Treatments for Brown Spots or Melasma?

Brown spots can include a vast array of skin damage severity, and can include melasma and actinic keratosis. The “best treatment” will depend on the person, their type of brown spots, and the severity. Options will be reviewed during a consultation with Dr. Keith Neaman, and sometimes a combination of treatments are recommended.

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Brown Spot/Melasma FAQ’s

FAQ’s About Using Spectra Laser for Brown Spots and Melasma

How many Spectra treatments will I need for brown spots/melasma?

Clients notice a reduction in brown spots after just one 30-minute Spectra laser skin resurfacing treatment. Melasma clients also notice a brown spot reduction, but almost always require multiple sessions due to the stubbornness of this type of hyperpigmentation. Results can be optimized with ongoing at-home skin care regimens.

Is there any downtime using the Spectra laser?

There is no downtime for Spectra laser resurfacing treatments. However, it is prudent to avoid direct sun exposure for at least 72 hours post-treatment.

Does the Spectra for brown spots and melasma hurt?

Most clients report that Spectra laser skin resurfacing for brown spots feels warm, but there is no pain. No anesthesia is required.

FAQ’s About Chemical Peel Treatments for Brown Spots and Melasma

How many chemical peel treatments will I need for brown spots/melasma?

When using the ZO 3 step peel, an aggressive peel for all skin types and colors, you may need one treatment or multiple treatments. It depends on your skin, your goals, and the type of brown spots being treated. Results will be seen with one treatment, but maximum results usually require multiple treatments.

Is there any downtime associated with brown spot/melasma treatments?

No downtime is usually experienced, but some clients may develop redness, itching, minor swelling, and stinging after a peel. These are common reactions, but vary client to client. Five days after treatment, all side effects usually subside.

Will the 3 step peel hurt if I have brown spots/melasma?

Clients often report a warm sensation during a peel, but it subsides within an hour. No anesthesia is required.

Complimentary Melasma and Brown Spot Removal Consultation

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