Breast Lift Surgery


Few women retain the perky, full, voluminous breasts of their youth—and some women never had that idyllic teardrop shape. However, a breast lift (or mastopexy) can create or restore beautiful and natural-looking breasts. The dreaded “pendulous” breasts can occur after childbirth, nursing, major weight loss, or simply due to age and genetics. Saggy breasts can be boosted with a good bra, but many women want to be proud and confident without such support.

A mastopexy can enhance and lift the breast profile. Although many women are well aware of how to gauge if they have “droopy” breasts, an easy test is to check where the nipples point. Nipples pointing straight down is a sign of sagging breast tissue. A consultation with Drs. Keith Neaman and Dustin Christiansen can help patients determine if they would benefit from a breast lift and what results they can expect.

Explore the before/after photos* in the breast lift gallery and learn more about the wide range of breast surgeries available. Many patients choose to combine a breast lift with breast implants to further increase the volume and profile of their breasts. Schedule your consultation today by calling Neaman MediSpa at 844-338-5445.

Breast Lift Benefits

A breast lift, with or without breast implants, can lift and firm breasts. It restores a youthful appearance and looks completely natural. A mastopexy can help:

  • Droopy breasts
  • Address breasts with lost volume or shape
  • Stretched-out breast tissue
  • Enlarged areolas
  • Downward-pointing nipples
  • Asymmetrical breasts

Most women will experience at least one of these issues in their lifetime. However, if a woman is planning to become pregnant, they should postpone any breast surgeries. Mastopexy can complicate breastfeeding and nursing.

Ask Dr. Neaman: Should I have a breast lift with a breast augmentation?

Featured Breast Lift Before/After Photos*

Your Breast Lift Procedure

Every breast lift is unique. A number of factors need to be considered including patient physique, current breast condition, and patient goals. Most mastopexy surgeries include elevating the nipples, removing breast tissue, and tightening the tissue for a profile that’s heightened and appealing.

Many breast lifts also include breast augmentation, or the inclusion of breast implants, as part of the breast surgery. Just as every patient is unique, so is every breast lift or breast surgery. Patients are well-informed before surgery day to know how to plan and what to expect from their personalized breast lift procedure.

Breast Lift FAQ’s

How is a breast lift different than a breast augmentation?

A breast lift removes extra skin and usually requires repositioning the nipple. Breast augmentation is the addition of breast implants. Many times, these two procedures are performed together.

Will breast lift correct droopy breasts?

Yes, correcting droopy breasts is a major goal of a breast lift. Droopiness is caused by stretched skin, and removing the excess skin and adding implants can help correct droopy breasts. Simply adding implants to over-stretched skin isn’t enough. Patients need the saggy skin removed and then volume can be added with implants to achieve their ideal aesthetic.

Can a breast implant give the appearance of a lift?

Sometimes. In some cases, implants alone can give the appearance of a breast lift because it adds upper fullness. However, this is only possible for women whose nipples are currently above the skin fold of the breast. More commonly, women require a breast lift (perhaps in addition to breast augmentation) to achieve desired fullness.

Will I need additional breast surgeries in the future?

It depends. Everyone ages differently, and if a woman has biological children in the future, major weight fluctuations, or simply less collagen and elastin than her counterparts, she may need additional breast surgeries in the future. However, a breast lift can dramatically reduce the odds of future cosmetic breast surgeries or delay additional surgeries by several years. The best way to decrease the odds of additional surgeries is to choose a reputable surgeon the first time, carefully follow after-care instructions, and avoid extreme weight swings and pregnancy in the future.

What is a breast lift exactly?

Breast lifts remove excess skin and usually reposition the nipple. The result is younger, perkier breasts. A breast lift is not breast implants.

Will nipple sensation be impacted by a breast lift?

It is a risk. Any surgery comes with potential side effects, and nipple sensation is dictated by a myriad of nerves in and around the area. However, most breast lift patients do not lose nipple sensation. The best way to prevent loss of nipple sensation after a breast surgery is to rely on a highly-skilled surgeon.

What type of incision should I get?

Breast lift incision options vary and include the classic crescent (incision in the fold of the breast), lollipop (where the incision circles the nipple before anchoring down to the crescent incision), and Benelli. Which incision you get is dependent on many factors including your breasts, amount of skin to be removed, and goals. However, these options are discussed during consultations and patients are aware of what type of incision they’ll receive before surgery day.

How long is the downtime?

It varies based on the person, incision type, and whether or not you also opt for breast implants. However, after two weeks most patients can return to their gentler activities of daily living. Your surgeon will tell you when it’s safe to resume more demanding activities such as going to the gym. Proper rest and downtime is critical for the best recovery—and the best results.

Breast Lift Surgery Consultation with Dr. Keith Neaman

Unfortunately, drooping and sagging breasts are a common complaint, especially as women age or experience childbirth and nursing. The good news is that it can be reversed. Discover more about the benefits of breast lifts and breast augmentation surgery when you contact Neaman Plastic Surgery. Explore the breast lift before/after photos* today and get a preview of what you can expect. Neaman MediSpa regularly serves patients in the Portland, Eugene, and Salem, Oregon areas.

“I am almost 4 weeks post-op from having a breast lift, nipple reduction, and augmentation. It was a little scary trying to imagine how any surgeon was going to give me the results I was hoping for. And so far–I am THRILLED with my results!! I have worked in the healthcare industry for 21 years and have seen the operations of many different offices. Every single employee here has made me feel welcome, comfortable, and has gone above and beyond.”

– Christy, Google Review, Actual Patient*