Surgical and Non-Surgical Options for Body Contouring

Body contouring is the art of creating a more aesthetically pleasing body and correctly proportioning the figure by the patient’s needs and goals. Cosmetic surgeons routinely perform liposuction and liposculpture procedures to smooth and shape areas throughout the body, including the neck and chin, waist and abdomen, legs and arms, hips and butts.

During the body contouring process, fat is removed via liposuction from undesired body areas (thighs, chin, arms, breasts, or just about any area of the body). The removed fat can also be prepared for lipo-injection into parts of the body that a person is desirous of enhancing such as facial features, buttocks, etc.

Body Contouring – Surgical and Non-Surgical Options

Surgical Options

The body contouring surgery differs from one procedure to the next. A patient looking for instant results would go for a body lift, which focuses on tightening all the loose skin throughout the body in 1 to 3 surgeries. This option is ideal for those who have more than one problem areas. For example, a person who has undergone gastric bypass surgery may be left with loose skin in multiple areas after their weight loss goal has been achieved.

Another surgical body contouring option is the breast lift. Breast lifts get rid of excess fat and skin above, around, and below the breasts. The breasts are then sculpted to take on a natural but more youthful and perkier look.

A body lift is another customized surgical approach to body contouring that involves the removal of sagging, loose skin and restoration of firmer-looking skin tone with natural contours. This treatment can be especially beneficial for patients who suffer from the annoying extra skin bariatric surgery. A body lift may include a tummy tuck, a procedure designed to give the abdomen a nice and flat shape; arm lift, a procedure that removes excess skin from around the buttocks and thighs, and a butt lift, which focuses on giving the buttocks a fuller, firmer and more toned look.

Non-Surgical Options

If going under the knife is not an option you want to consider, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve that hourglass figure. Body contouring comprises of various non-surgical such as Exilis, Cellutone, Infini, and Vanquish Me.

  • Exilis – this is a quick 3-minute skin-tightening process that involves radiofrequency and ultrasound technology to break up fat cells, which are then flushed out by your body naturally.
  • Cellutone – Cellutone uses the power of targeted vibrations to stimulate deep tissue structure, which is the primary cause of cellulite.
  • Vanquish Me – This is a body-sculpting therapy that targets fat reduction in the most non-invasive and comfortable way through the use of radiofrequency energy that causes the natural death of fat cells.
  • Infini – Infini laser is a device that sends radiofrequency energy to multiple layers of skin, thereby stimulating the body’s collagen and natural healing process.

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