Posted on 24 May 2016

A recent phenomenon that we have noticed is that women are choosing larger and larger breast implants when having breast augmentation. This is something that has gradually increased over the years that we have been doing breast surgery. And we are left with two questions: is there an upper limit in sight? And, how big is too big?

About twenty years ago, the volume of implants that were usually chosen was less than 300 cc. And it was quite rare to go much above that or even into the 400’s. Today, we rarely use an implant less than 300 cc, and it is common to use implants in the 400’s. Additionally we are not infrequently using implants which are 500 cc or even slightly more.

So what is driving the escalation in breast implant size and how much is too big? There likely isn’t any one single thing that is causing women to want to use larger breast implants.

First, frequently they tell us that they have been advised by their friends who have had breast enlargement to go a little bigger in size, so that they will not be disappointed. Many women share that they feel after having had the surgery that they would go bigger if they were to do it over – even though some of these women are now wearing a D cup after surgery.

Second, some women who, prior to surgery are concerned about going too big, find that once they have the surgery they get quite comfortable with their new size and would like to go bigger. So expectations and desires can change and some women may go larger initially in anticipation of this.

Third, clearly fashions and what many people feel is an attractive style and shape is influencing this. It is more common to find models who are larger in the chest. Particularly swimsuit models. It just seems that bigger breasts are “in.” Therefore, women want larger implants.

Fourth, and probably the most important factor is that women have much more say in the size of breast implants chosen that they did previously. They put on a bra with different sized implants, put on a tee shirt and look at themselves in the mirror. We will advise on size, but the patient is the one who is calling the shots – for the most part.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Keith Neaman is a board certified plastic surgeon living in Salem, Oregon. Contact him today if you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, have questions, and would like to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Keith Neaman

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Dr. Neaman is a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in surgical body contouring. He prides himself on being on the cutting edge of plastic surgery. He takes an informative approach to each consultation, and through open dialogue and communication, he helps his patients decide on a treatment plan that meets their needs.

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