Patient Care Coordinators


Jennifer and Allison are the dedicated Patient Care Coordinators at Neaman Plastic Surgery. Acting as your point of contact, Jennifer and Allison will ensure you receive the very best care, understand your treatment or procedure, address questions, and coordinate your visit from consultation to post-treatment care.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is in love with so many things it’s exhausting. Mainly, she wants to dress up every day, read, and hang out with her incredible husband and kids. Jennifer dreams big and is genuinely excited to see how she can help people, in any small way, as they navigate through their own life-changing journey involving plastic surgery. This is particularly close to her heart as she had breast cancer and went through her own breast reconstruction surgery. In fact, it was Dr. Keith Neaman who was by her side and eventually performed two surgeries that helped her beyond her expectations. She is one of so many whose life was changed forever.

Meet Allison

Allison is one of the loveliest people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. She has a passion for all things relating to beauty which makes her a tremendous asset to patients at our MediSpa. As patient care coordinator, Allison will help navigate your way through your journey to self-improvement, and she strives to help patients look and feel their absolute best. Having moved from Southern California in 2015, Allison brings her warm and sunny personality to Oregon and the practice each and every day. Some of her favorite things include traveling, great food and wine and spending time with her adorable daughter who looks like her twin.

At Neaman Plastic Surgery + MediSpa, you’re in the very best hands. Here are a few responsibilities you’ll enjoy with Jennifer and Allison on your team:

  • Provide education, recommendations, and treatment options
  • Understand the treatment or procedure you’re having, address questions, and proactively provide feedback to you
  • Discuss fees and payment options including financing
  • Be your advocate! Our team will ensure your interests are at the forefront, always.

Jennifer and Allison look forward to meeting you!

Patient Care Coordinators | Neaman Plastic Surgery, Salem, Oregon