Hand Surgery


Hand surgery is a specialized branch of plastic surgery that has functional benefits as well as cosmetic ones. Portland plastic surgeons Dr. Keith C. Neaman and Dr. Dustin Christiansen have extensive training and experience in reconstructive hand surgery, including the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re seeking a knowledgeable hand surgeon in the Salem or Portland areas, please call Neaman Plastic Surgery at 844-338-5445 to schedule your consultation.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

One of the most common applications of hand surgery is the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is often caused by repetitive stress that compresses the median nerve between the wrist and hand.  Carpal tunnel surgery is sometimes referred to as carpal tunnel release, because it frees the tissue that holds together the joints placing pressure on the median nerve. Carpal tunnel surgery typically results in the relief of pain, numbness and tingling as well as improved hand movement.

Trigger Finger Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is also commonly used to treat the condition known as trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis). Trigger finger is characterized by a finger or thumb that becomes stuck in a bent position and is caused by the narrowing of the protective sheathe that covers the tendon in the affected finger or thumb.

Additional Hand Surgery Treatments

Hand surgery may also be used to repair the functional and aesthetic damage caused by some injuries, and it can correct certain congenital defects. Patients in the earlier stages of rheumatoid arthritis may benefit from hand surgery.

Dr. Neaman and Dr. Christiansen can help provide relief to many procedures related to the hands.


The specifics of reconstructive hand surgery procedures differ widely based on individual conditions and other factors. Dr. Neaman or Dr. Christiansen will discuss your treatment options with you in detail during your consultation.

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