DeQuervain’s Tendonitis


If you have pain on the thumb side of the wrist that is worse with grasping and twisting motions of the wrist you may have DeQeurvain’s tenosynovitis. The pain may be associated with swelling, popping of the tendons with thumb motion and/or irritation of the nerve overlying the tendon leading to numbness over the back of the thumb and index finger.

Portland plastic surgeons Dr. Keith C. Neaman and Dr. Dustin Christiansen have extensive training and experience in the treatment of DeQuervain’s Tendonitis. To schedule your personal consultation, please call Neaman Plastic Surgery at 844-338-5445; left untreated, the pain may persist leading to decreased grip strength and pinch strength.

DeQuervain’s Tendonitis – Cause and Effects

Tendons that cause extension of the thumb pass through a tunnel along the thumb side of the wrist. Occasionally, the covering of these tendons that allow motion through the tunnel become inflamed. This inflammation causes pain with motion of the thumb as the tendons guide through the tunnel. The pain is worse with gripping, pinching, making a fist and turning the wrist.

DeQuervain’s Tendonitis – Treatment

The goal of your treatment is to decrease inflammation and reduce pain. Initial treatments may include the use of a splint or oral anti-inflammatories. Most patients respond to an injection of steroid in to the tunnel, which the tendons pass under.


Occasionally, surgery is needed if the pain fails to resolve with conservative measures. Surgery involves opening the tunnel, which the tendon passes under allowing room for the inflamed tendons to move. This is usually performed in the office under local anesthesia, however it may also be performed in the operating room if the patient desires. Return to normal activity is encouraged as your strength and comfort returns.

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