Chin Augmentation


Together, all of your facial features, including your eyes, nose, mouth, and chin, should create a balance to your profile. A weak or receding chin can throw off your facial harmony and cause you to be unhappy or self-conscious with your appearance. Chin augmentation can help to restore balance and structure to the face. Dr. Keith Neaman and Dr. Dustin Christiansen, along with the Neaman Plastic Surgery team, are highly committed to helping you along your aesthetic journey to determine the best path so you can achieve your facial contouring goals.

Restore Facial Balance And Symmetry With Chin Augmentation

Your chin should complement the rest of your face. However, depending on its proportions, it can give an overall unbalanced look to your entire face and even cause other features to look unproportionate. A weak or receding chin can make your nose look bigger, your neck appears thicker, or even worse, cause your chin to blend into your neck, so it seems like you don’t even have a chin. Chin augmentation uses implants to add definition to your jawline to provide you with a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial appearance.

Is Chin Augmentation For You?

It is essential to understand how your facial features work together to achieve facial symmetry and balance. Your forehead should be in balance with your chin. If your chin lacks definition, chin implants can make your chin more prominent and increase its proportion in relation to your forehead. Sometimes there are more issues that are causing the weak profile, perhaps involving more than just your chin. If this is the case, then one or more cosmetic procedures may be needed to achieve balance such as rhinoplasty in addition to chin augmentation. In order to understand if a chin implant will help you with the desired result you are looking for, it is best to consult with Dr. Neaman or Dr. Christiansen to identify all that may or may not be necessary.

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Chin Augmentation Procedure Details

Surgery for chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure that is fairly quick, usually lasting no more than an hour. Timing is dependent on the extent of work and reshaping to be done. An incision is made either under the chin or inside the lower lip. A soft silicone rubber-type implant will be placed through the incision and then anchored to the jawbone with small wires and usually screws to ensure that it remains stable. Chin implants come in all shapes and sizes and will be discussed during your consultation. Depending on your unique needs, the bone may need to be removed or shaved to achieve optimal results.

Immediately following your surgery, you may experience some discomfort and swelling. This should dissipate with time. There is very little recovery and downtime needed for chin augmentation. You may be asked to wear a brace at night while you are sleeping to aid in healing and placement of your newly contoured chin. Once the swelling subsides, you will have a fuller, rounder chin that completes your profile.

Chin Augmentation Consultation With Dr. Neaman

To learn if you’re a candidate for a chin augmentation or for additional information on your facial contouring options, please contact Neaman Plastic Surgery for your personal consultation. We welcome patients from the greater Portland, Salem, and Eugene, Oregon, areas.