Tummy Tuck Surgery Following A Scheduled C – Section

29 Dec 2016 Tummy Tuck Surgery Following A Scheduled C – Section
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For many reasons, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) immediately following a c- section is a very bad idea. Initially, you may think it seems like the perfect time…I’m under anesthetic, the operating room is up and running…I have help at home and I’m ready now. So why not?

First, the ability for the plastic surgeon to make proper aesthetic judgment calls immediately following surgery is impossible. The body has not had a chance to rejuvenate at all on its own. Stretched skin has the ability to contract on its own and should be given that chance. Additionally, it takes the body 3-6 months to go back to its baseline. The swollen uterus will shrink and weight gained will gradually be lost.

For any major surgery, a patient should be in optimum health. Following a c-section, it goes without saying that the patient is nowhere near that. They quite possibly have a depressed immune system; there has been blood loss, fatigue and elevated estrogen levels. All these factors add up to making a tummy tuck or bigger mommy makeover surgery immediate following a c-section a very bad idea.

Now, add all of this to the fact that you will have a tiny new baby relying on you for care. Breastfeeding would be next to impossible because you will require pain medication for sure. Use this special time to bond with your baby and to enjoy this special time.

Tummy Tuck / Mommy Makeover Surgery Consultation with Dr. Neaman

After you have been home with your new baby, have had time to heal and feel like yourself again, give Neaman Plastic Surgery and Dr. Neaman a call. We will gladly walk you through the steps it will take to get you back to your pre-pregnancy status, or even better. Options might include a Tummy Tuck or Mommy Makeover, but we’d love to chat with you about your goals and then together build a plan. Our team of professionals is here to help -please call 844-338-5445.

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