Should I Be Using Retinol?

07 Jun 2017 Should I Be Using Retinol?
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At Neaman MediSpa in the Salem area, retinol and products containing Retinol are very popular and indeed sought after in skin care regimen

What Exactly Is Retinol?

Simply put, retinol is a milder form of tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative that’s been shown to aid in stimulating blood flow, tighten pores, decrease fine lines, even skin color and skin texture can improve. Because tretinoin is drying and irritating for many people, retinol is used in most skin care products instead of alone.

The bad news is that all vitamin A derivatives, even in milder forms like retinol, break down when exposed to sun and air. What does this mean? Basically, when applied in the daytime, retinol is less effective.

Because Retinol is said to be ineffective during the daytime, retinol makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage, no matter the amount of SPF the product you’re using contains. All this combined leads to the opposite of the effect you want, meaning your skin ages more quickly.

Which Products That Contain Retinol Are Ineffective?

Most Retinol should used overnight in the form of night creams. It would not be effective in the following areas:

• Any sunscreens or foundations containing both an SPF and retinol – The retinol cancels out the sun protection qualities.

• Cleansers – The retinol doesn’t remain in contact with your skin long enough to make an impact.

• Lipsticks – The skin on your lips is extremely thin and sensitive; retinol may cause damage.

At Neaman MediSpa in Salem, Oregon, a variety of skin care products are available including a complete lineup of ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical skin care products. Reach out to our beauty experts to learn more about protecting your skin from the sun while reducing the signs of aging. Call Neaman MediSpa at (844) 338-5445 to set up a consultation appointment.

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