Effectively Fighting Acne Scarring

26 Dec 2017 Effectively Fighting Acne Scarring

A considerable concern for many people is acne scarring, and there are some beneficial techniques to reduce acne scarring at Neaman MediSpa.

Acne scarring can affect many things in your life, but mainly it is your self-esteem that is affected and challenged. Maybe it’s time to do something about it.

Fighting Acne Scarring

First and foremost, superior skin care is always recommended, especially when treating acne and the scarring that can develop from it. We offer a superior quality skincare line. ZO Skin Health Inc. offers you a unique set of bioengineered complexes and formulas. This, combined with unique delivery systems, offers all patients the ability to obtain extraordinarily healthy skin, without respect to age, gender or ethnicity. ZO products restore the skin health by targeting skin abnormalities at the cellular level and additionally helps you maintain skin that is smooth, even-toned, hydrated, and firm.

Definitive Laser Treatments for Acne Scarring:

CO2 Laser resurfacing uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to heat and ablate just below the surface of the skin, which results in the producing of new collagen, leaving behind smoother, brighter and ultimately tighter looking skin.

The Spectra Laser for acne scarring is a comparatively gentler laser procedure you will see better results with a series of treatments. Most of our patients report feeling a warm sensation and a slight prickling feeling. It is quite easy and there is no need for topical anesthesia. With no downtime associated with the Spectra Laser, you may return to your daily activities immediately with minimal side effects.

• Infini – The Infini RF treatment uses a Microneedling technology that is combined with high intensity focused radiofrequency to improve and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out and most especially effective at treating acne and other scarring such as stretch marks. Infini RF delivery eliminates thermal damage to the skin’s surface providing faster healing without prolonged downtime

At Neaman MediSpa we can offer you a plethora of unique and effective acne scar removal systems and products. Today can be the day you begin to turn things around and have the smooth skin you want. Give Neaman MediSpa a call today at (844) 338-5445 to set up a complimentary consultation. You will be one step closer to beautiful, clear skin.

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