Posted on 17 Apr 2024

Making the decision to change your body in any way is something that should be taken very seriously. Whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or to boost your confidence, deciding between breast augmentation and a breast lift is an individual choice. As a top-rated plastic surgery clinic in Salem, Oregon, Neaman Plastic Surgery is here to guide you through the decision-making processes, taking into consideration both procedures and how they can benefit you.

Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

Understanding the difference between a breast augmentation and a breast lift procedure is crucial when deciding which procedure is right for you. While both procedures are hailed for their incredible body and confidence-enhancing effects, it is not wise to assume they provide the same results. Breast augmentation involves using implants or fat transfer to increase the size or change the shape of your breasts. On the other hand, a breast lift involves removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support your new breast contour. While both offer dramatic and near-instantaneous results, they have different objectives, recovery timings, and potential complications.

Health Considerations

Regardless of whether it’s a breast augmentation or a lift, your health is our utmost concern at Neaman Plastic Surgery. Our team, led by specialist Dr. Neaman, will conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure you are medically fit for either procedure. This includes understanding your medical history, evaluating your current health status, and a discussion of your health goals.

Addressing the Breast Size

If you’re seeking an increase in volume or a drastic change in shape, then breast augmentation may be the best procedure. Our Salem clinic is renowned for delivering natural-looking breast augmentation results using either silicone breast implants, saline implants, or form-stable implants. Whichever implant composition you choose, those seeking an enhanced hourglass figure, improved breast symmetry, or a change in the size and shape of the breasts would more likely find satisfaction with a breast augmentation as opposed to a breast lift.

Addressing the Breast Shape

However, if you are content with your breast size but are looking to reshape your breasts, then a breast lift may be the better option. Over time, the appearance of the breasts will gradually change, often resulting in sagging. Whether you’re unhappy with the appearance of your breasts due to age, childbirth, breastfeeding, or genetics, a breast lift is a great option for those wishing to reposition their breasts without changing the size. The result is a perkier, fuller profile with breasts and nipples that sit in a more youthful position.

Combining Procedures

If you find yourself desiring the results of both a breast lift and breast augmentation, you have the option to combine the two procedures for a more comprehensive transformation. This can increase the size of the breasts, reshape them, and position them higher on the chest wall. However, this should be after consultation with Dr. Neaman, allowing for a thorough evaluation of your individual circumstances and suitability for combined procedures.

Recovery Time

Recovery time can also be a defining factor in your decision. Generally, breast lift surgery involves a longer recovery period, whereas augmentation has a quicker recovery process. At our Salem clinic, we put efforts to optimize your recovery through comprehensive aftercare. Following all post-op instructions given to you by Dr. Neaman can also lead to a swifter and more comfortable recovery.

Schedule a Consultation

The decision to opt for breast augmentation or a breast lift is incredibly personal, and we at Neaman Plastic Surgery will do everything to make your experience enjoyable. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Neaman and have all of your questions answered, please visit our website and fill out an online contact form.

Dr. Keith Neaman

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at Neaman Plastic Surgery | Learn More

Dr. Neaman is a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in surgical body contouring. He prides himself on being on the cutting edge of plastic surgery. He takes an informative approach to each consultation, and through open dialogue and communication, he helps his patients decide on a treatment plan that meets their needs.

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