Posted on 26 Apr 2016

While the decision to augment your breasts is usually an easy one for our patients, the decision to have a Breast Lift with Implants is not always so obvious.

Here are a few common questions you might have with answers that should help guide you to the right decision that is best for your situation and body.

Can a breast implant alone give a small lift?

A breast implant does give the illusion of a lift because you get upper pole fullness. This works for women who have a nipple that is at or above the level of the skin fold beneath the breast. If the nipple is further down, below the inframammary fold, it may cause the nipple to look like it is pointing south with the implant above it. If the implant is placed low to match the nipple then you defeat the purpose because you get a low hanging breast.

Do you like the size of your breasts when in a bra?

If so, you may only need a Breast Lift. All that would be needed is a skin tightening procedure, also known as Mastopexy. There are various types of skin tightening procedures, some with less scarring than others. We prefer the periareolar (Donut scar) scar because it is the least visible and leaves the smallest scar.

Do you like the fullness in the upper pole of the breast?

Some patients cup their hands around the breast and lift it saying “I want it to look like this” referring to the fullness in the upper part of the breast. Although in the beginning a breast lift has fullness in the upper pole, it does tend to settle after a few months. You may need an implant to give you that upper pole fullness. When an implant is placed under the muscle, it will give the lifted breast a fuller appearance in the upper pole.

Can you keep your breast cup size and get the fullness in the upper pole of the breast?

In these cases it is possible to take some tissue off your breast and then replace it with an implant that is the same volume as the tissue that was taken off. The implant is then placed behind the muscle to give you the desired upper pole fullness.

Can a lift be done without a scar?

Whenever you do a lift you have to change the position of the areola, or nipple. This means that at a minimum you will have a scar around the areola. When done properly, this is very well disguised as it blends with the change in color and texture between the areola and the surrounding skin. Additionally, most lifts can be done without any kind of vertical scar.

Is the nipple at or below the inframmary fold?

The Inframammary Fold line is the place where the breast meets the chest wall. It is the crease line under your breasts. If the nipple is below the inframammary fold you more than likely will need to get a lift.

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