Dr. Dustin Christiansen


Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty of variety. No other surgical specialty offers such a diversity of problems and solutions. In fact, most plastic surgeons would probably say that, at least in part, this was one of the reasons they chose this specialty as a career. This was certainly true for Dr. Dustin Christiansen.


Dr. Christiansen became interested in plastic and reconstructive surgery early in his medical school years, at the University of Utah, after attending lectures by plastic surgeons, which left him awestruck that one medical specialty touched on so many aspects of surgery. And that diverse skill set placed plastic surgeons in a unique position to help people. Whether it was reconstructing an anatomic defect, surgery to improve hand function, or cosmetic surgery to improve self-image and self-confidence, for him, plastic surgery provided the opportunity to make life easier.


After graduating from medical school, Dr. Christiansen completed his residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Missouri-Columbia. During his years of training, his initial infatuation developed into a love of the specialty as he saw patients who arrived with traumatic injuries, defects from cancer operations, or self-consciousness about their bodies, undergo procedures that allowed them to have a return of physical as well as psychological health.


Now in practice, Dr. Christiansen still enjoys the diversity of plastic surgery and is excited to offer his skills to his patients in the Salem, Oregon area, including general reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, breast reconstruction, skin cancer reconstruction, and cosmetic surgery. Having joined Neaman Plastic Surgery Summer 2017, Dr. Christiansen brings his experience, training, and approach to plastic surgery to the practice.


Much like his practice, Dr. Christiansen also enjoys the variety of activities available by living in this beautiful part of the world. He, his wife Kari, and their three children love spending time outdoors hiking, skiing, and exploring the beauty of the Northwest.

Dr. Dustin Christiansen | Neaman Plastic Surgery, Salem, Oregon